Kids and Floors. Lets Talk About Stains!!!

Kids and floors. Lets talk about stains!!! It can be quite a shame when you buy a lovely new floor which costs quite some money only for it to end up ruined by a small accident such as children spilling something. Fortunately, billions of other people have encountered this problem which is why we\’ve now found countless ways to get all sorts of stains out of all types of floors.

Red wine spills on the carpet

Red wine spills are a nightmare to get out of your carpet. It can cost a lot of money to clean up a dried wine stain if you don\’t have an affordable carpet cleaner in your area. Luckily there are ways to get the wine out of your carpet without a lot of fuss but you\’ll have to do it immediately after it happened. You need to neutralize the red wine by pouring some white wine over it and topping it off with some salt. Once the salt has absorbed the wine you can suck it up with a vacuum cleaner or blot it with some paper towel. Now pour a little bit of club soda over it and blot immediately. You\’ll notice that the stain has become less visible. Keep doing this until it\’s completely gone.

Blood stains on a tiled floor

Children don\’t always have their balance under control and can quickly get hurt by falling. When your child has a cut and accidentally stained the floor with blood you can easily get rid of it. All you need is some diluted bleach. Simply dab the stain and it should disappear quickly. There are also some sprays designed for removing the odor of cat pee which work very effectively with blood stains too.

Nail polish on a tiled floor

You\’re getting ready for a night out and your nail polish is unscrewed on the table. Unfortunately your child was a bit too exited while hugging you and the nail polish fell to the floor. Fortunately, all that\’s needed for a nail polish stain is nail polish remover. Most of the time you will have this somewhere nearby if you\’ve got nail polish. If the nail polish remover doesn\’t work well enough you could always turn to diluted bleach to do the job.

Stained grout

Grout is one of the more difficult areas to clean as it\’s so small yet still covers so much space. If you want to clean the grout yourself you\’re going to want to use a strong bleach solution and scrub that on the grout with a small brush. Grout can be very dangerous to work with though because if you scrub too hard the grout can be damaged and it won\’t look pretty at all. It\’s recommended to hire a professional to clean the grout. We personally like using as they\’re quite affordable and have years of expertise.

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