Lets talk about the Word “Retarded”

Lets talk about the Word "Retarded"
I am a believer that we live in an overly sensitive society, and when it comes to being PC I usually fail, but I really can’t think of a single circumstance where it could be appropriate to use the word “retard” or “retarded” to describe something. Its not cool or funny, AND there are at least 10 other adjectives that could be used in its place at any given time. I happen to be a fan of a blog called A Day in the Life of a Warrior. It was started by a Mother who has an 11 year old son that is Autistic. I have followed their Journey for years, and Warrior Mom has made it her mission to show people that Autism is actually Heroism. Someone who is autistic deals with incredible challenges on a daily basis. Of course there are various degrees of autism, but often times kids that grow up with autism have to deal with hospitals, medications, doctors, various therapies… AND then of course there are all of the challenges they face just being different in society. It is difficult to make friends when you are “different.” Being different comes with bullying, getting starred at, and a ton of social challenges. Warrior Mom encourages people to embrace “different” and start realizing that theLets talk about the Word "Retarded" kids that are born different overcome challenges that a lot of us will never know- thus they are actually Heros. I read Warrior Moms most recent post Please. Just. Stop. Using. The. Word. Retarded. K? Thanks. and I thought it was worthy of sharing, because it addresses how we use the word on a regular basis to describe something, and how completely offensive it is. Who even still uses the word “Retard” or says “Thats Retarded?” I’ll tell you who- too many people. If even one person still thinks it is funny to call someone a retard, then that is too many people.            
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