Why Pregnant Mom’s Need Air Conditioning (No, Seriously!)

Considering the numerous biochemical reactions that take place in the body during pregnancy, it is not uncommon for your home to seem hotter than it actually is when you’re pregnant. According to the WebMD, heat, and humidity tend to take ‘a greater toll on pregnant women, despite being unpleasant or even sometimes unbearable for most of the rest of us.


On the contrary, most moms are inclined into believing that they should stay away from the air conditioner during pregnancy, or at least minimize its use when in indoor settings to avoid the cold air that can possibly increase the chances of catching the flu or something.


Well, most of these mommies and pregnant ladies gotta know that they are ill-advised to some extent. But why should you ensure your home is properly air-conditioned in when pregnant in the warmer months of summer? Below are 4 compelling reasons why pregnant mom’s need air conditioning (no, seriously!)


Pregnancy Demands Fresh Air

It is not unusual for a pregnant woman to spend most of her time indoors, especially during the last trimester when she’s just weeks away from giving birth. During this time, the quality of the air you breathe is highly critical for good health and even survival of your unborn baby as well as your own. Without proper air conditioning, the indoor environment might not be supplied with enough circulating fresh air.

Additionally, hot and humid air is associated with a number of health risks, especially since high indoor humidity encourages the growth of molds. Having a properly maintained and serviced air conditioner installed in the home also ensures that circulating indoor air is free from dust, pollen, and other allergens that may be carried along with conditioned air through ductwork and in air filters.


Pregnant Moms Need Enough Sleep and Comfort

According to a study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, there is a huge correlation between poor sleep quality and quantity during pregnancy and neonatal complications. According to the research, some of these challenges/complications may include low birth weight and premature births.


There are tons of other research studies that suggest pregnant women should always get plenty of high-quality sleep during all the trimesters. However, it can get really challenging to sleep when temperatures rise too high during the summer nights and you don’t have a reliable cooling system.


It Can Get Sweatier During Pregnancy

A good number of women are those that automatically tend to gain weight during pregnancy, mostly due to lack of exercise, a reduction in movement, and dietary changes, among other reasons. A good number of women will also experience heat intolerance during this period. Due to these factors, you may find yourself sweating more than you would consider normal, which can be quite uncomfortable and irritating. Having a reliable air conditioning system can cool you off when it gets unusually sweatier.


Reduced Movement during the 9 Months

Due to reasons such as edema (swelling of the feet and ankles), weight gain, and other physiological changes that may occur during pregnancy, you may find yourself preferring to spend most of your time indoors. As a matter of fact, edema is more likely to occur in summer pregnancies.


Although moderate exercise such as walking regularly is recommended, having a well-maintained air conditioning system in place can make it easier for you through the 9 months before your newborn arrives.



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