Softest Changing Pad Cover- EVER!

If you are a twin parent, then you are changing no less than 20-24 diapers a day for the first 7-8 months of your babies lives. With that said a changing pad cover is not something that should be compromised.


Looking for a changing pad cover can be tough, but we have done our research and testing to help take the expensive “trial and error” off your shoulders. We found the perfect one.  I discovered Tiny Zzz changing pad covers and I am OBSESSED with them, so I am sharing the wealth with you.


Here are some things I considered before setting my heart on Tiny Zzz.



I wanted a changing pad cover that would fit most (if not all) changing pads, mainly because as my kid changes and my nursery changes- my changing pad might too. This particular changing pad actually fits some mini crib mattresses as well. Again- I like options



I love that the Tiny Zzz thought about combining a two pack. Most changing pad covers are sold individually which is a pain, because you either need to do laundry the minute one gets dirty, OR you have to buy several expensive changing pad covers.  This is also a great option for twin mom’s because it can be used for both babies separately or you can just always have one handy as it will certainly get soiled quickly. Personally I vote for having two 2 packs for twin parents. Again, you have to consider that you will be doing A LOT of diaper changes for a LONG TIME. Heck, you may even just invest in several 2 packs, because doing laundry often goes out the window when you are a twin mom.



100% Comfortable

Soft Organic Cotton Muslin – Need I say more? Ok, I will- It is 100%  cotton, meaning no other materials that your baby might be allergic to. Be it summers or winters, cotton works best. During the summer it stays cool and during the winters it keeps you warm.


No Fuss to Clean

There are no fancy instructions, on how to clean these sheets. You can spot clean or throw in the wash. Boom! Its that easy.




One last SUPER IMPORTANT thing to mention: The Tiny Zzz changing pad covers are on sale until the end of May!! So I suggest you get on it.






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