16 Challenges of the First 6 Months of Twin Parenthood

16 Challenges of the First 6 Months of Twin Parenthood

We asked our twin mom community for their biggest obstacles during the first 6 months of twin parenthood. Everyone’s struggles are different – but as a twin mom, you have likely experienced something similar to these women. Remember that you are not alone. Here are the 16 most common answers.

1. Lack of sleep

It affected everything else in my life. I wasn’t able to think clearly and I had no patience. It was definitely my biggest obstacle. 


2. Having 2 babies crying and having to pick one to sort out first

3. Having both babies wake up at the same time wanting to give them equal attention

4. Trying to breastfeed them both and feeling guilty when you can’t

I wish I could go back now and tell myself not to stress over that because they would turn out fine. 



5. Not knowing how to connect with both. 

I’m a first time mama and I feel like I’m just trying to keep afloat and I’m worried they think I don’t love them. 

6. Feeling delirious from lack of sleep, desperation to have a second to myself, and then immediate guilt at wishing to do so 


7. The guilt I felt to my eldest daughter because I couldn’t pay her all the attention she deserves

8. Not knowing if it was day or night or even the day of the week

I just knew how many hours it was until feeding time.

9. Getting them on a sleep schedule

10. Adjusting to going back to work

11. Maintaining a healthy relationship with my partner



12. People judging you for not breastfeeding

It’s frowned upon in my culture. It was my husband’s support that got me through it.

13. Letting people help me

14. Hormones! Postpartum depression

15. Trying to produce enough breast milk for both

16. Fending off unsolicited (and incorrect/dangerous) advice

The most common answer of all was “WAIT. People really remember the first 6 months? It’s a total blur” (lol).

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