Summer is Coming: Important Tips On Pool Safety

Summer is Coming: Important Tips On Pool Safety
If you are a parent and have a pool- you need to consider safety. There is the obvious one about keeping kids away from the pool with a gate. However even more than that, you need to keep your pool clean. We wanted to mention a few pool cleaning tips.

Manual Cleaning

A lot of debris and dirt can be collected in your pool since it is located outside and exposed to the elements.  You can use a netted pool skimmer to clean the surface of your pool and rid the water of any leaves, small branches, twigs, bugs and any other trash.  For the bottom of the pool there are vacuums that you can buy that will eliminate anything that has managed to sink to the bottom of the water.  Though we recommend to read the 5 best pool vacuums in the world right now – a detailed comparison guide before making an order. Just like any vacuum they will require emptying every so often.

Filtration System

Pool pumps and filters can really take a load off of the work you need to keep your pool clean.  The dirty water is drawn from the pool and passes through the filter and the the clean water is returned into the pool.  Be sure when purchasing a pump that you choose one that has a strength that can accommodate the size of your pool efficiently.  Consult with a local swimming pool supplier in your area on help choosing the best pump for your pool.

Cleaning Chemicals

To prevent bacteria from forming in your pool, the correct the chemical maintenance must be followed in order to keep the PH levels in the pool where they should be.  Algaecides, bromine, chlorine and shock must be added to the water and it must be tested frequently to be sure that the right amount is in the pool continuously.  Your local pool supplies retailer generally carries test strips or kits that can check the chemical balance in your pool water.  You can even bring in a water sample from the pool for the company to test for you.

Steps You Can Take To Reduce Pool Cleaning Efforts

If you can keep the landscape surrounding your pool clear, you will be reducing the number of things that can make their way into your pool.  This will reduce the time spent skimming the pool.  Another good way to keep more debris out of your pool is by purchasing a good pool cover that fits securely over your pool with not gaps for leaves etc. to get in.
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