The Play Yard Designed with Twins in Mind

The Play Yard Designed with Twins in Mind

As a new mom, it might be difficult to imagine a time where you need space from your little ones. Trust us. That time will come. And if you’re anything like us, you’ll wish you had prepared. Even after fully baby-proofing your home, there will be times when you need to open the oven without a toddler (or two!) by your feet. Play yard for twins offer the perfect solution: they provide a secure place for your little ones to rest and play, giving you peace of mind while you finish cooking dinner or take that bathroom break. 

The Play Yard Designed with Twins in Mind : Space

They’re not only good for us – they’re great for babies, too! Play yards will give your little ones the chance to explore, learn and play independently, without their parents there to assist every tiny movement. 

Another bonus is that play yards allow for invaluable bonding time between your twins. But as with any baby item, finding a play yard that is suitable for two can be difficult. That’s why we were excited to discover Romp & Roost LUXE Play Yard 2.0.

Room for two

Unlike any other play yard on the market, the Romp & Roost LUXE Play Yard 2.0 can be separated with their patented divider to form two cozy areas for your twins’ naptime. The mesh divider allows your twins to see and comfort each other, all while remaining in their own sleep space. Once the divider is out, you’ll have a large area to accommodate playtime for two.

Perfect if you’re on-the-go

As a twin mom, you need baby items that can keep up. Gone are the days of wrestling with standard pack and plays. With just the turn of one handle, the Romp & Roost LUXE Play Yard 2.0 will practically put itself up for you! A travel bag that utilizes the wheels of the play yard is also included, so traveling to your next destination will be a total breeze. Soft, waterproof sheets which can be purchased separately allow for easy clean-up following the inevitable spit-ups or bottle spills. 

Providing your babies with comfort

You can rest easy knowing that your babies will be comfortable due to the new antibacterial foam mattress. The airy mesh sides surrounding the play yard will provide great airflow and prevent your little ones from feeling confined, as well as allowing you to keep a close eye on them.  

The Play Yard Designed with Twins in Mind : Comfort

A new, innovative design

The play yard 2.0 has been completely redesigned with new features such as state of the art spring-assisted technology for easy open and close – making it a perfect fit for your busy lifestyle. The revamp also includes antibacterial fabrics and BPA-free parts to keep your babies safe and sound. 

The Play Yard Designed with Twins in Mind : Innovative Design

The freedom and peace of mind that this play yard will provide any twin parent is priceless. 

The Romp & Roost LUXE Play Yard 2.0 has a release date of November 30, 2020. If you want your little ones to play and nap in style, you can preorder it here. Be quick – limited quantity offered at pre-order pricing.

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