The Twin Parent’s Guide to College Applications

Being a twin parent is both thrilling and exhausting. As kids get older, you have to take care of both of their needs simultaneously, which makes parenting much more difficult. Like in the early stages of their growth where you needed two of everything for school, sports, meals, or extracurricular activities, applying to college presents the same difficulty.  Not to worry, this post will provide the ultimate twin parent’s guide to college applications. 

The Twin Parent’s Guide to College Applications

With a plethora of options available ranging from community or state colleges to public universities or even an HBCU program that is online, applying to colleges for your twins may seem daunting.    Regardless, there are several ways you can navigate the process with relative ease. Let’s take a look at some of them: 

Begin Early 

College application can be overwhelming and strenuous for a single child, let alone twins. Start early and map out your options to avoid last-minute stress. You should start as soon as possible during the summer of your twins’ senior year. Evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and discuss their interests. 

Create a Working Plan

Creating a detailed plan is crucial to your success during the college application process. Consider creating a plan with:
  • Important dates for application
  • Submission of transcripts and letters of recommendation
  • Examination
  • Financial aid, and 
  • Other events. 
This can help your twins stay on track and meet any deadline in advance.

Consider Financial Aid

Financial aid is a surefire way to avoid paying for essential college expenses. Encourage your twins to complete each college’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Additionally, you should apply for grants and scholarships. 

Have One-on-One Conversations With Your Children 

This is crucial for college application success. Discuss their interests, objectives, and needs in separate conversations with them. Encourage individuality by recommending that they attend distinct schools and pursue separate degrees.  This presents an opportunity for each twin to discover their individual strengths. 

Schedule College Visits

It is essential that you visit your desired colleges and universities. This will provide a vivid picture of college life, a tour of the dorms, information about campus life, and other pertinent details. These visits may ultimately determine the college you choose to attend. 

Related Questions 

Should Twins Apply to the Same College? 

It’s advisable that your twins should apply to separate colleges. This will help highlight their individual skills and further explore their significant interests. Also, it helps to reduce their dependence on each other. Regardless of whether they apply to the same institution, each twin will be evaluated independently, with neither having an influence on the other. 

How Can I Help My Twins in Their College Applications?

You can assist your twins with their college applications by crafting essays that highlight their individual skill sets and why they are a good match for the school. You can also encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities, as this will increase their chances of being admitted to the university of their choice.  

When Should My Twins Start Preparing for the College Application Process? 

It’s recommended that your twins begin preparations for the process of applying to college the summer before their senior year. They should have begun researching their preferred institution, available course of study, and required exams at this point. A comprehensive timeline of events can keep them informed of all deadlines and on track with events. 


The college application process for your twins is undoubtedly a tiring experience. However, it can also be rewarding. With this guide, you can easily overcome any potential obstacles. 

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