Tips for Choosing a Weight Loss Program That Works For You

Tips for Choosing a Weight Loss Program That Works For You
With so many people struggling with obesity, many weight loss programs have been created to solve the problem. However, finding the right one might be more challenging than you anticipated. Here are some tips you can use to deconstruct the information out there and find the ideal program for you:
  1. Consider Your Lifestyle 
First, you should consider your lifestyle. After all, most weight loss programs will work well if they fit with your routine. That said, the choice you make should:
  • Suit your and lifestyle
  • Seem workable in meeting your health goals
  • Be something you can see yourself following
  • Provide all information about time frames, costs, and possible risks
  • Be realistic
  • Be enjoyable, and not just something you have to endure
  1. Consider Your Safety
The best weight loss program for you should encourage you to first talk to your primary healthcare provider before you start on it. Your doctor will evaluate your body and the status of your health, as well as provide you with special precautions so you can make the right choice to help you shed those extra layers. There are a lot of over the counter supplements but I would make sure to do your research so that you only take the best fat burners for men or women.
  1. Consider Your Culinary Preferences
Some people are overweight simply because they don’t want to or can’t cook. Luckily, you can find diet programs that don’t involve cooking – such as Jenny Craig (read more), Nutrisystem (read more) and Weight Watchers (read more).
  1. Your Nutritional Needs 
As far as possible, stay away from any program that is too restrictive or eliminates entire food categories. You should also avoid diets that compel you to eat certain foods in bulk or recommend eating particular food combinations. The problem with these diets is that they are usually not balanced nutritionally. They also tend to make you feel boring after a few weeks, which is the reason why most people can’t stick to them.
  1. Consider Your Personality
Just because your colleague is now ship shape and Bristol fashion does not mean that the weight loss program they used will also work out for you. In fact, a diet will only meet your health and weight loss goals if it matches your personality type. For instance, if you don’t like counting calories or you are too busy, you might do well with Nutrisystem, a meal delivery diet program that will ship food right to your doorstep and allow you to slim down without forcing you to cook. Have a look at the following personality types and see which one represents you best:
  1. The Support Seeker 
You turn to pros and friends for answers to your weight loss questions. In college, you would study with friends; you would go shopping with friends. They were there for you when things were going awry. You can’t handle problems without calling someone who you find to be reliable. Find a weight loss program like Weight Watchers that offers direct support—a program where you call an expert on the phone or meet somebody once a week for a private or group consultation.
  1. The Serial Snacker
You work at home, are an account manager in the making, or part of a larger office team. This means that you tend to snack a lot, which is why you gained weight in the first place. What is more, you don’t like cooking, and your lifestyle is so hectic that it’s usually a miracle if you can get in 3 square meals a day. Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, BistroMD and other meal delivery diet programs are most likely your best choice.
  1. The Free Spirit
You never count calories and are averse to any instructions outlining what you should eat at every meal. Although you take your family, social life, and work seriously, you don’t want to put in too much effort on something as minuscule as food. However, you are open to change if the diet program is natural and straightforward. Programs like Diet-to-Go could serve you well.
  1. The Sweet Tooth
You prefer brownies, chocolate, cake, and everything sweet – and wouldn’t swap them for veggies or banana chips. If you are also a serial snacker, then you are going to need a diet that will satiate your sweet tooth without adding on the pounds.
  1. The Distracted Diner
You multitask at everything, including your meals. However, this has caused you to eat more than your body needs and added the weight around your midsection and other parts. The best weight loss program for you would be something that will slow you down at meal times. Weight Loss Programs to Avoid Irrespective of the weight loss program you choose, ensure that you stay away from any diet that:
  • Encourages fasting
  • Heavily restricts or cuts out whole food groups
  • Has rigid phases
  • Is so regimented that you are not allowed to make food substitutions
  • Says that it will work for everyone
  • Uses testimonials, rather than scientific evidence, in its marketing
  • Claims to boost metabolism
  • Promises little to no effect
  • Promises dramatic weight loss
  • Says it has that magic ingredient you’ve been missing
  • Contradicts universally acknowledged health and nutrition guidelines
CONCLUSION Overall, finding the right weight loss program should not be hard. As long as it matches your personality and does not promise heaven with no effort from your part, it should work out and help you shed the extra weight effectively, and keep it off.    
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