Get Twice As Much Done in HALF the Time: The Art of Multitasking

Get Twice As Much Done in HALF the Time: The Art of Multitasking


Lets be honest, the minute you give birth- you are ALREADY a multitasker (and an over achiever, at that). Once your little nuggets are out of your belly you have to figure out how to keep them alive and do like a million other things. If you are like me, then you feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything. Having a kid is its own full time job, and having to manage a household WHILE trying to stay sane is a whole new challenge. Hats off to all the Mommys out there.


Here are some Mommy tips to getting more done in your day.


Propping bottles- You definitely don’t want to leave your baby unattended like this, but if you can get a thing or two done in the same room so that you are close by then this tip is a gift that you will forever thank me for. When you have tiny babies, its almost impossible to be hands free.

Babywearing – Baby wearing is another little hands free trick that allows you to get more than one thing done.  You can grocery shop, hands-free while your baby is sitting comfortably.  Or better yet, work on getting your mom bod back while making sure your little one is safe right beside you (or in front of you and behind you rather). I have to say that Kangaroos’ really started this trend and now I know why.

Apps Apps Apps- Ok, I don’t want to say you need a ton of apps, but you can get a ton of stuff done if you just use the RIGHT apps. My new fave is Split screen for iPhone ( I am pretty sure this app was made just for us moms. Split Screen is an app that allows you to view two apps at the same time. It’s the only nifty feature available on iPads but not on the iPhone yet. So check it out- you can get your groceries and household items on amazon, while catching up on some recent news articles or videos AND Check your Facebook AT THE SAME TIME!!!

The Split Screen for iPhone is $3.99, and if you calculate how many hours of life you save by using it- you will quickly consider it one of the best investment’s you could make as a new mom. As a side note, if you are considering starting a mommy blog, a Facebook page or Instagram or other social media profiles- the Split Screen for iPhone is even MORE of a must-have item for you. There are some free plugins in this app to make your life easier like Notepad but the Social Plugin needs a special mention. It allows you to see all your social netorks with a simple left/right swipe, loving it! You can also customize the app anyway you like, resize the split size or go full screen. These customizations allow you to focus on creative content. You can be more productive while using this handy app to organize your online as well as mommy life.


Download from App Store: Split screen for iPhone (



Eat when your baby sleeps-  You know the old saying “Sleep when your baby sleeps?” – well that is a myth. Babies never actually sleep long enough for you to take a nap, AND if they do- you probably need to get a lot of other things done like dishes, or laundry. What you can do is EAT while your baby sleeps. This is actually pretty important, because new moms tend to forget that they need to eat. Babies need food around the clock, so its easy to lose site of mealtime for mom. This is a perfect time to sit down and have a real meal.


Lunch on the Go- If you need to go to the grocery store, then schedule it at lunch time. The reality is that your kid will NEVER sit in this cart quietly and behave without a snack any

way. So you can kill two birds with one stone by simply planning lunch and grocery shopping at the same time. Some grocery stores have fresh hot food where you can buy chicken wings, or Potato wedges, but if not you can just pick up other mess free food: Fruit, Puffs, Squeeze pouches…..etc.



Life as a new mom can be quite a struggle. Multitasking is born out of necessity. Luckily there are some really great tricks to the trade, follow these and come up with your own as you go, and you will find yourself an expert in no time!




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