Helpful Twin Mom Hacks You Need To Know

This article has been re-posted from Twin Love Concierge. Ever wonder how moms “do it all” and get their kids off to school without tears, well so did I. After asking some moms this same question I got some amazing mom hacks! I have found out that being organized can be easily done.
 What are you going to wear today?
Every morning it would take an hour for my daughter to pick out her clothes, she would try on three different outfits then choose a fourth. At many large department stores search out a closet organizer that has at least five compartments. Hang it in their closet on the closet rod. On Sunday have your child pick out their outfits for the school week, include socks and underwear too! Place their outfit in each of the compartments, once they’re in they stay in and that’s what they’ll wear!   Once again this also needs to be planned ahead, preferably on Sunday. Most of my kids eat peanut butter and jelly for lunch. I have tried many ways to pre-make the sandwiches without the bread becoming soggy. After many tries I have come up with a solution! Get two slices of bread and smear peanut butter on both sides then one side spread out the jam. I have found that having peanut butter on both sides prevent the bread form getting soggy. Cut the sandwich in half, whatever your kids prefer then place into a sandwich box and store in the freezer. In the morning grab the box and place it into their lunch box. You can also store them in freezer Ziplocs then just grab one and place it in their box in the morning! I usually make a couple batches, some on Sunday and some on Wednesday. As for fruit have that cut up and ready to go! You can cut up apples and store them in the fridge with a little apple or lemon juice. They should be good to go for at least 4 days! The night before I put all the dry goodies into their lunchbox so I just have few things to pack in the morning. If your kids aren’t sandwich eaters, they make some really neat bento boxes that you can cut sandwich meat and cheese up or veggies in dip, just do it ahead of time!

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The Final Details
The kids are dressed, fed and lunches are made and packed! Now for the final details brushing teeth, hair, and finding shoes! We live in a two-story house and after they eat breakfast I would send them up to brush their teeth and hair and they would never return. So, I decided that will all be done downstairs. After breakfast I get their toothbrushes that we keep in a kitchen cupboard out and they line up at the kitchen sink for a brush. While they’re eating breakfast I usually brush my daughter’s hair and pull it up if necessary. As for shoes all four of my kids have a shoe and sock box by the front door. They grab their backpacks and put on their shoes and out we go! Being prepared is the key!
About the author
Adrienne HutchinsonTLC’s Seattle associate, is a mom to 3-year-old boy/girl twins, a 6.5 year old daughter, and a 9 year old son.  She knows first-hand how to balance the life with kids of different ages. Before kids she earned her degree in early childhood education and taught in elementary school for 10 years.  Adrienne is part of the largest multiples group in Seattle and is familiar with using various resources to help navigate and survive the daily life of twins.  You can reach Adrienne at for more details on our Seattle services.
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