Twin Momprenuer Starts Amazing Mission to Keep kids safe

Jennifer Lazarus - Twin Momprenuer Starts Amazing Mission to Keep kids safe
We came across this amazing Twin Momprenuer, Jennifer Lazarus who recently started a business for the sole purpose of keeping our kids safe. Can I get an Amen to that?? We were interested in hearing more about the product as well as finding out how the heck Jennifer manages life (with 3 kids under 4 years old)and NOT one but THREE businesses so we decided to interview her. Let me start by saying, we love her, and the product she is working hard to create. The product is called Paxie.
Here is our interview with more information and her and Paxie. 1- How many kids do you have and what are their ages? Three boys, 3.5 and 9 month old twins – I will never have nice furniture again 2- How did you decide to leave a job as an employee to start working for yourself? 8 years ago, I was a Senior Vice President at an ad agency in New York, and hated who I was. On a whim, I left New York and moved to California for a guy I had known three months. I was single and 32 – I had nothing to lose. I was lucky that my CEO let me keep my job in NYC, but live in LA, so I was bi-coastal for 3 months. I hated my job, but I loved the work, so I decided to freelance.  My boyfriend owned a web development company, and I started to help with new business. Our skill sets were complimentary and we found that we worked well together. 6 months later, I joined the firm as a partner and then he proposed shortly after that.  5 years of marriage and 3 kids later, we own 3 businesses together. 3- What is a typical day like for you as a Momprenuer? I wake up at 5AM, meditate/pray for 30 minutes, then check emails and take conference calls in Europe before my kids wake up. By7AM, I’ve changed 6-8 diapers and have tandem-breastfed my twins, I make breakfast and lunch and get my 3.5 year old off to preschool.  I walk 2 miles to the office while taking conference calls. I bring my twins to the office, and have set up a nursery for them in my office. I am on endless conference calls.  The mute button is my friend. After work, I come home and make dinner. We then do bath and bedtime. My husband and I will try to sneak in an hour of tv together – generally the news or America’s Got Talent.  I’ll check emails one last time and then pass out around midnight.
4- How did the idea of Paxie come to fruition? A family friend asked us to build an app that stopped kids from dying in hot cars.  We sat down and figured out a solution that worked by creating a bracelet that monitors GPS, measures Heart Rate and Ambient Temperature and even more.  We decided to create a company, Safe Family Wearables and the Paxie Band was born.  We created a Mommy Council of almost 400 social media moms, and asked their feedback all along the wayChild_GPS_Screen_PAXIE_Tip 5- Can you tell our readers more about Paxie? Our Mommy Council kept coming back to Peace of Mind band as we were trying to name it. The word, Pax means “Peace” in Latin.  We decided to call the device “Paxie” because we thought of the Paxie band as a fun companion that gave parents peace of mind. One of the neatest features of the Paxie are the interchangeable covers. We wanted kids to showcase their personalities and actually want to wear the device. The interchangeable covers reminded us of the Swatch watches we all had as kids.
SAFE_PaxieBand_2SAFE_PaxieBand_3SAFE_PaxieBand_5 6- How can we (moms) help you as a fellow twin mom? I am tired. My twins are NOT sleeping through the night – bring me coffee and save me!!! Honestly, the best thing that moms can do is simply talk about it and share with other moms. We’ve started a kickstarter campaign to help launch the Paxie 2.0 which includes a water submersion alert and our Paxie Parents Portal website. We need moms to visit the kickstarter page because that helps increase our ranking on Kickstarter and then to please share the page with their families, friends and their mommy groups.  unspecified
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