Twinning with Krysty!

Twinning with Krysty!
Here we are on our trip to Thailand - we found out we were pregnant a few weeks after coming home
Here we are on our trip to Thailand – we found out we were pregnant a few weeks after coming home
Hey there mamas!
How excited am I to do this?! ::wave my hands up in the air::
My name is Krysty, I’m 28 – settled in Morris County, NJ, and mom-to-be of fraternal twin boys! My husband, Jon, and I have been married for almost 5 years, and we have 2 fur babies – a yorkipoo and a maltipoo. ūüôā I earned my master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Montclair State University, and now I work full-time as an HR Business Partner¬†for a technology company in Jersey City, NJ.
When the team here at approached me about doing this, I thought “uh. HELL YEAH!” — the moms of multiples community has been so amazing and supportive, so why not do the same for other moms (and mom-to-be’s) in my shoes? So here¬†I am.. blabbing away.

So, as of today, I’m 26 weeks and 2 days preggy with my double bundle… we have a lot to catch up on!
How did this happen?!
Jon and I have always been the couple to take our own time with things. LOL, I know what you’re thinking – we got married when I was 23, and he was 25 – BUT THAT WAS OUR TIME, OK?! Anyway, I can’t really say that we sat down at our honeymoon and decided that at our 5-year anniversary, we should be pregnant – we went with the play it by ear¬†philosophy. I think the first time I realized I was ready to start thinking about having a family was sometime in early 2015, when my usually very prompt period was a little late (little = 1 day). I took a pregnancy test, and felt overwhelmingly disappointed when it was negative (aka “BFN”/Big Fat Negative – add to mommy vocab). When Jon and I sat down to talk about this during date night, we decided that I should go ahead and get off the pill — “let’s see how it goes”. The literal last¬†thing I wanted for us was for me to become an obsessed ovulation tracker – taking ovulation tests, measuring my basal body temperature, memorizing my luteal phase calendar … you see what I mean… so we continued right along with our play it by ear¬†philosophy. (*also note: not that there’s anything wrong with memorizing your luteal phase calendar, lol – it just wasn’t something that worked for us. If that’s you, do you, boo!). I feel so thankful and blessed to say that it only took¬†us about 8 months to conceive these twinnies – but little did we know the adventure that lay ahead…
Dude. TWINS?!
Yippee! We’re pregnant! We found out a few weeks before Christmas, so naturally, we told our families on Christmas (we have a pretty awesome pregnancy reveal video! Click Here to watch it).
Family Photo - Twinning with Krysty!
Our last family pictures on Christmas Eve and Christmas day – before we told everyone the big news!
Family Photo 2  -Twinning with Krysty!
Smiles from ear to ear, and they don’t even know
¬†SO MUCH EXCITEMENT FOR THIS BABY!! Can’t wait for our first doctor’s appointment to meet the little bug! The days literally crept by… and I mean CREPT. You know when it’s 3:01pm on a Friday, so you do a bunch of shit to pass the time, and then you look and it’s 3:11pm?! — YEAH.. like THAT. So finally… here we are, meeting the ultrasound tech for the first time – WHY HELLO, LINDA! You are about to change my life forever! So nice to meet you!¬†We see baby! We hear baby’s heart beat!! All looks great – smiles all around. OHHH how happy we were – tears were falling – so much love.
….. LINDAAAA? what is it?!…
¬†YUP! Look! There it is! Baby B!!!!”
DAAAFUQQQQQ?!? whatchu talkin’ about, Linda?! ::looks at Jon… looks at Linda… looks at Jon… inwardly looks at self – reflecting on life already::
Oh God. We. Are. Having. TWINS! OH GOD! Here’s a peek into my mind at that exact moment in time (ohmygod. wtf. WTF. no. yay!! nooo. noway. isthisreal?doeslindaevenknowwhatshe’sdoing?! omgsoexciting. ohfuckthis. nofuckingway. ican’tbelieveit. jon’sdying. I’Mdying. awthey’regoingtobesocute! TWObabies?! TWO! ohmygod. ohmygod. ohmygod). and here’s a peek at my face at that exact moment of time:
Chrissy T
Finding out that we were having twins was (and sometimes, still is) the most surreal feeling I have ever experienced. Finding out about twins first time - Twinning with Krysty!Some days, the excitement is overwhelming: I’m pinning twin outfits, twin nursery ideas, raising twins, twin boys, life with twins … so many things. Some days, the anxiety and fear is REAL, and I avoid all things pregnancy-related.¬†Since finding out, I’ve had quite some time to settle into the fact that we’re having twins – and if you’re a mama who just found out you’re having twins, believe me when I say: YOU CAN DO IT! I’m amazed everyday at how my 5’0″ self is able to provide a loving home to not just one baby – but TWO. It’s not easy, and definitely scary at times, but believe in yourself! You were selected to be a strong twin mommy! That’s a selective group, and only the strongest are chosen ūüėČ

I’ve covered a lot of bases, here – and I want to save some content for future posts, so maybe I’ll wrap it up for now.
The goal of my little blog is to let you guys in on one of the most important experiences of my life: my wonderful¬†(sometimes WTFFFF!! *#$&^%$@#) pregnancy. I’m excited to share some really intimate moments, some exciting as F*** moments, and some ‘who cares?‘ moments with you. So far, my pregnancy has been a roller coaster ride, and I’m glad you guys are hopping on!
I, by no means, want this to just be me blogging away to outer space, so leave a comment! Let’s start a dialogue – tell me what you’re going through and let’s be mommies together! I’m navigating through this journey to mommy-hood as best as I can, and I’m happy to embark on this new adventure with all of you!!
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Happy Twinning!
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