Woman Falls Pregnant AGAIN While She is Already Pregnant

Poppy and Michael are twins, born on the same day, to the same mother, and from the same womb. Despite this, Poppy has been found to be biologically older than Michael, by exactly 18 days.  
Twins Poppy and Michael are rare superfetation twins, one of about 10 confirmed cases in the world (ABC News)
Poppy and Michael are part of only ten confirmed cases of superfetation twins, a medical miracle where a woman falls pregnant again when she is already pregnant. Superfetation pregnancies are similar to twin pregnancies in some ways. According to the Cleveland Clinic “Superfetation is so rare in humans that there are only about 10 confirmed cases. They’re so unique that when they happen, they often make headlines. The chance that you’ll be affected by superfetation is close to zero.”  Like twins, two fetuses eventually share the same womb and develop alongside each other. Both babies are usually delivered at the same time.In the case of Poppy and Michael’s parents, Sandra and David, they had a difficult time conceiving. David had been diagnosed with testicular cancer some years earlier, and had frozen his sperm before undergoing chemotherapy, Sandra had indeed fallen pregnant twice — once naturally, and once using IVF. The couple had turned to assisted reproductive technology after being told they would be unlikely to conceive naturally.

couple’s first two children, Georgia and Fred, had been born via IVF.

Twins Poppy and Michael with older siblings, Georgia and Fred. (ABC News)
  In the event, both babies were born healthy, although Michael was considered premature, and weighed just two kilograms, compared to his full-term sister who was three kilos.     The pregnancy was especially tough, as nobody could understand the unique nature of the pregnancy with two babies with two different gestations, and Sandra fell quite ill. Despite this, the babies were born healthy, and their family was left with a “happy accident.” David Searle said, “We could have the family we dreamed of […] We got a bit more than we bargained for, but I’m not complaining.”
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