10 Most Popular Virtual Reality Games for Kids

10 Most Popular Virtual Reality Games for Kids

Ever felt extremely happy or excited playing a game? Ever simply loved the experience? VR will make it even better. For kids who love digital games, virtual reality can take their brilliant experience a step further. Take a look at 10 most popular and widely sought-after VR games for the young ones out there.

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1. Pierhead Arcade

If you’ve been to the arcade with all those ‘rigged’ claws to pick up those irresistible treats or toys behind the glass box, you know what this game basically is. Let your child practice those claws for hours till they master it. Developed by Mechabit, it works on HTC Vive and Oculus RIft.

2. Candy Kingdom VR

Shooting virtual reality games are certainly not the first thing you would want for the little ones. Have you considered shooting at sweets however? This carnival game is full with colours and lights and can be accessed on HTC Vive, OSVR and Oculus Rift. It is something that all kids will love.

3. Cloudlands VR Minigolf

Who said golf was an old man’s game? Here is a little version, available on the screens of users of HTC Vive, OSVR and Oculus Rift that mixes the classy nature of golf with child-based themes like dinosaur parks and castles. Since its VR, it is completely close to owning an entire golf set and kids ride wild

4. Rec Room

Rec Room is one of the versatile virtual reality games we know of. It allows users to join and play different types of games such as frisbee, paintball, charades and golf. Here, your little ones may join their friends and make new ones as they unite with others of their kind through these friendly games.

5. Fantastic Contraption

For creative minds, this is one of the best games young ones could ask for. It requires the player to make a simple machine or a contraption to overcome a particular level in the game. Not only does it help expand their skills, it also instills a passion for creation and mechanics. You can know more here at Real New World.

6. VR The Diner Duo

This game needs two players, of whom, one wears the VR headset while the other sits at the computer using a mouse to control the waiter in the game. It is set in a demand and supply background where orders are placed and the food must be prepared and served, all inside the screen!

7. The Lab

One of our favorite choices, The Lab mixes science experiments with a humor of them going wrong. Here, the player finds a number of games to choose from, the Slingshot and Longbow being our personal choices. It is a game of defense and will keep children occupied as they play it. VR is amazing, isn’t it?

8. Job Simulator

This futuristic game is set in 2050, when, supposedly all human work has been taken over by robots. In nostalgia, the player can look back and experience what it was like to have a job back in time. The game offers four different jobs to choose from.

9. Stone Age Snap VR

Suggestive by the name, this game is an exciting walk through a prehistoric jungle with mammoths and other extinct animals. A child who has read them as stories may now live them through this game, all thanks to technology and VR.

10. Audioshield

Fighting, as we have clarified before, is certainly not the best thing to put your kids to. Audioshield, for your information, is about fighting, but not violent. It is a game which puts the player at the point of impact of every song. Let your little ones get musical and happy!

The world of VR is fascinating. It allows young children to live their fantasies and dreams from even closer. However, we would end with an advisory note. While VR may be absolutely enticing and appealing to the fragile mind of a young child, the use must be monitored. Certain games are not meant for young children, while even those which are, if played for long may sustain damage to the visual system. A healthy, prescribed balance will ensure the continuity of fun and frolic, while keeping you free from trouble and stress.

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