5 Ways For a Stay-at-Home Mom to Make Extra Money From Home

5 Ways For a Stay-at-Home Mom to Make Extra Money From Home

Let’s admit it – life is expensive! Kids are expensive. After we had twins our income was suddenly cut in half and our bills felt like they doubled. I have put together a few ideas to make extra money from home.

  1. Get paid for your opinion          

Online surveys are a very popular way of making extra money. They easy, fast, and don’t take a college degree. Check out Surveyjunkie.com as its one of the quickest ways to get started taking surveys. Surveys can be as little as 5 min or up to 40 min, BUT the site tells you how long each one should take beforehand so you can decide if you have the time. You can take as many surveys as you want, and each survey is worth points. Then you can redeem those points for cash or gifts cards.


  1. Earn cash back on things you already buy

Ibotta is a site (or app) that allows you to scan receipts and get paid on specific items that are eligible for cash rebates. I am not going to lie- this makes my life super easy. I shop on Amazon almost every day, but now if I click to amazon from my Ibotta app, I actually get a percent of my purchase back in straight cash.

5 Ways For a Stay-at-Home Mom to Make Extra Money From Home


  1. Sell clothes that your kids have grown out of

Let’s face it you have a TON of pre-baby clothes you will probably never wear again.  Not that you don’t fit in it, but when will you get to go to fancy cocktail parties or out clubbing in the near future? ThredUp will send you a HUGE bag for FREE, and it will include a prepaid shipping label on it. You can fill it with your clothes (new, used, old, cheap…etc). You can even add all of your kids clothes that they no longer wear.


There is also a site/app called Poshmark. It’s like eBay, but easier to post and MUCH cheaper. AND they give you an easy prepaid shipping label after every purchase, so all you have to do is print and drop it off in a mailbox. Use code: MGABRA when you sign up and get $5 instantly.

  1. Teach kids in other countries from your computer at home

If you have a passion for teaching but can\’t leave the house, consider joining Vipkid. All you need is your own computer. Vipkid will provide you with the curriculum and you will have a one on one English session with Chinese children between the ages of 4-12. Vipkid pays anywhere from $14-22 an hour depending on the number of students in each class. Students get a 30-minute lesson with the teacher. The best part is that you do not need to plan lessons or do any extra work outside of the “classroom.” You can do this at your own time as you get time.

5 Ways For a Stay-at-Home Mom to Make Extra Money

  1. Start a blog

The first step in starting a blog is buying a domain you love, and then building out a site on WordPress – which is probably the most user friendly way to build a site without a developer. Then you will need to pay for hosting. Once that is done there are a ton of ways to make extra money from your blog. You can sell ad space, you can post sponsored posts. You can sell products…etc. For more on this see our article “How to start a mommy blog”.

Make Extra Money From Home

We will keep adding to this list of creative ways to make money on a flexible schedule, but each one of these are worth checking out.

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