5 Must Haves in a “Fashionable Mom’s” Wardrobe

5 Must Haves in a "Fashionable Mom's" Wardrobe
If fashion was important to you before kids, then it should continue to be important to you after kids. Mom’s have one of the hardest jobs in the world and don’t have a lot of free time to go on leisurely shopping trips. In order to make picking out your clothes easier here are some helpful tips: swap out designer pieces for the look alikes, basic colors are a must, comfort is key, shoes don’t always have to be Christian Louboutin and don’t sacrifice quality. So for all the mom’s out there here are 5 must-haves to complete your Carrie Bradshaw look mom-afied.  
  1. A basic tee: basic colored shirts are a must have in any person’s wardrobe but especially a mom’s because it reduces the risk of walking around a store in a noticeably stained shirt. Everyone knows kids are messy so opting out a light colored t-shirt for a darker one is much more convenient. In addition, basic colored clothes are seriously amazing for layering under your tops or as a base piece with a blazer and some jeans for a more formal look.
  2. Jeans: These are a staple piece in any one’s wardrobe because they are so universal, you can wear them as a totally casual going to the park look or as a night out with the girls. However, the best thing about jeans, in my opinion is that you can wear them with anything and still look good. When your in such a rush every day even a little thing like not having to worry about your outfit can be a time saver. You can pair jeans with a cute basic tee and scarf, or a bright colored top for a look in any situation.
  3. Versatile dress: Dresses are easy to throw on and accessorize. Basic colored dresses like black, red, white, etc., should be in every woman’s closet because they are so fun to work with. Adding a sparkle to your look, like a gorgeous piece of tanzanite earrings would make a great add-on to your dressing style. If you find a comfortable, cute dress, always buy doubles because I assure you, you’ll get good use out of them. For a night out, you can pair a cute black cocktail dress with red heels, or for a more casual look, you can pair it with a jean jacket and a bright-colored scarf. The versatility of tanzanite earrings allows them to be paired effortlessly with any of these outfits..
  4. Quality Designer Diaper Backpack Nobody wants to pay for a Prada diaper bag when you won’t be Designer Diper Backpacks - 5 Must Haves in a "Fashionable Mom's" Wardrobeable to give it much maintenance, so it’s important that you find a good quality Designer Diaper Backpack that won’t break the bank. In my opinion there’s nothing I love more than a good quality, versatile, and designer looking bag. Moskkaoffers all of the things I like in a cute simple designer diaper bag and it looks good. This bag won’t break the bank but will give you the look you want and maybe will be enough to convince you to buy the designer wallet you’ve always wanted. 😉
  5. Comfortable shoes: Shoes are probably the most important and base of any outfit. You can own a pair of shoes for 5 years + and never want to throw them away because they are so comfortable and cute. When shopping for shoes it’s extremely important that you take the time to find quality, comfortable, cheap shoes because they can last you a lifetime. When you find the perfect shoe you can also buy them in different colors to pair them with more of your clothes, but if you are more of a simple person a go to color would be black.
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