Is My Baby Gifted? 7 Signs That Your Child May Be Gifted

Is My Baby Gifted? 7 Signs That Your Child May Be Gifted
From the time our children are born, we have high hopes for them for their future successes, and among those hopes, we pray they are of a higher intelligence than the rest of the world. As you watch your baby grow, you may wonder if your baby is gifted. Yes, there are ways to tell even when they are very small. Here are # signs you should look out for to see if your child is intelligent.  
  1. Completes milestones early
As you record your baby’s milestones, if you start to notice that he’s crawling, sitting up, walking, or talking among other things before the range of the milestone, your baby is definitely a smart one.  
  1. Highly-developed language skills
Even before your child can say a word, if she shows great interest in books, this is a sign of higher intelligence. If you find that she begins using sentences around 14 months of age and can follow simple directions by 18 months, she’s an extremely smart baby.
  1. Excellent memory
If you suspect your baby has a good memory, try this simple test on him. Take a toy and hide it under a pillow. If your baby can figure out that the toy is under the pillow, he’s smart. If your child remembers times and places very well, this is another sign of great intelligence.  
  1. High level of alertness
From even the earliest of ages, babies that can make connections with people and the surroundings they are in are very bright. Watch to see if your child turns her head when someone speaks or makes eye contact. It looks as though they understand exactly what is being said, and quite likely, they probably understand a great deal of it.  
  1. Advanced perception
Have you ever been frustrated and cried in front of your baby only to have him want to comfort you or wipe your tears away? Children with good perception of feelings and surroundings are usually considered gifted.  
  1. Extremely inquisitive
Most babies will be curious as they grow through infanthood on into toddlerhood. The difference here is that children of average intelligence will be curious about the regular types of things that kids are curious about like toys or books or random objects that seem fun. Children with a keen sense of intelligence will go beyond that to disassemble toys or take apart other things just to see how they work.  
  1. Problem solving capabilities
If your child can escape from your carefully-gated play area by stacking up blocks and climbing out, she’s outsmarting you!   Now that you know what to look for, should you notice your child exhibiting these signs, talk with your child’s pediatrician about having your child tested to see if baby is gifted so you can help encourage and nourish their education and special gifts as they grow.    
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