Baby Monitor Review- Motorola MBP855CONNECT

A baby monitor is one of the more expensive necessities on your registry, and the reality of it is that you don’t know what you like/dislike about a monitor until you have tried one out. In fact, I have had to try 3 or 4 to find one that works best for me. For twins specifically, it is worth considering theMotorola MBP855CONNECT with two cameras.

Easy installation– At first I was dreading the thought of setting up a new monitor, mainly because with infant twins I don’t really have a few extra minutes or any free hands to read instructions and figure things out. I actually put it off for a few days. When it came time to set it up, I was so relieved that it was virtually painless and quick. It was like 3 steps (1 of those steps was to undo the packaging).

Display- A lot of monitors will go into “hibernate mode” and the display will go dark to conserve the battery. Its kind of annoying, and by “kind of” I mean TOTALLY annoying.

Wifi Capability-  There are times when I am away from home, and I can still see my kids live with this monitor. This feature is worth a million bucks, because I can enjoy my night out and when I feel like I just want to “check in” – I can, and then go back to enjoying whatever I am doing without the kids

Long Battery Life– After testing several monitors I thought that I just had to give in to the fact that these all have a short battery life, but the MBP 855 Connect actually last for a while. It lasts through the ENTIRE night, which is a huge selling point

Two Cameras
– In some cases having one video monitor for twins works, but having two cameras is great for a lot of reasons (different angles, two cribs…etc), but for me having two cameras means this monitor can grow with us. For example, when our twins are older and we put them in different rooms.

Some other things I like about myMotorola MBP855CONNECT Monitor

-Monitor beeps if for some reason the camera disconnects which is a nice safety feature/safeguard

-Big monitor

-Split screen

-Easy to use and adjust

-Good picture quality

-Clear and easy to read icons (night mode, temp, battery, etc)


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