Why The Best Relationship In Your Life Should Be Coffee

Lets not joke around when it comes to coffee. I would call it a tool of survival in twin mom land.

With that said, there is an art to making coffee. It all begins with grinding the freshly roasted beans in some descent grinder and then inserting the grounds in the portafilter, tamping and then finally extracting the espresso shot. However, This process sounds pretty long and unmanageable between diaper changes, feedings and life.

For stay at home moms who may need 2 or 3 cups of coffee while in survival mode-  We have a great alternative. One cup coffee makers. Can I get an Amen? One of my favorites is the Nespresso machine. Take this baby home and start using it for your daily cups of coffee, and boom- you just saved many precious minutes out of your day. While you can really pick any machine, Nespresso is one of the most famous and trusted brands for coffee machines, and its the one I use- so I recommend it

Using the Nespresso machine is pretty simple and the process doesn’t involve any messy steps. To make a cup of coffee, just pick your favorite flavor from the dedicated pods for Nespresso easily available in the market and online stores (Find more info about these at Friedcoffee.com).To make a cup After inserting, put your mug under the outlet spout and press the start button. Your coffee will be ready in just a minute. Isn’t that a great method! The empty pod will then be stored inside the small storage bin built-in the machine with a capacity of around 10 pods.

What’s more, the pods or capsules are available in a lot of amazing flavors by Nespresso as well as from other compatible brands. The other brand capsules will cost a little cheaper then Nespresso but taste would have been compromised somewhere. The machine is also available in variants differing in dimensions, shape, features and performance. What’s best, every machine is capable of delivering a great shot of coffee.

Stay at home moms- The Nespresso coffee machine can save a lot of time and indulge them in some other works as even a child can make a coffee on their own. These machines are accepted well at many homes and offices without costing a fortune. You can have one for as low as $110 and move up as per your needed preferences.


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