Body Pillow. You Need One.

Body Pillow. You Need One.
HAPPY WEDNESDAY! Pretty uneventful week thus far, to be honest. I had my glucose tolerance test yesterday, which wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought it would be… womp. Primary example of people hyping shit up for you – only leaving you to be 1000x time disappointed. I mean, I was all nervous – oh god. is the drink going to be gross? i have to drink the whole thing in 5 minutes?! I HAVE TO FAST?!?!?!?! they’re going to draw blood? what if i fail? i’ll have to take a 3 HOUR TEST?! 3 HOURS?!!?!? AND THEN WHAT? WHAT WILL IT MEAN?! (yeah, you get it. 0-100 real quick). Here’s how it went:
  1. Wake up.
  2. Drink the stupid drink. It was delicious – zero problems chugging it
  3. Drive to the doctor’s office
  4. Wait in the waiting room (of course, because when do you not wait)
  5. Have blood drawn
  6. See doctor
  7. Leave the doctor’s office
Yup. That’s it. Not much too it. Also, by the way, for all you mamas who haven’t taken your glucose tolerance test yet, the nurse told me that you can have protein the day of your test – just stay away from carbs (i mean, that would’ve been good to know). I had 2 hard boiled eggs right before bed, and I was literally freaking out since the stupid drink container said (very sternly, i must add) do not eat or drink for 12 hours before the test is administered. so i’ll let you guys know as soon as those results come in.  
THE DRINK. mine was fruit punch flavored, and it was actually pretty good, lol.
all done! yummy. now to fix my hair, lol
ANYWAY. let me tell you about my best friend. the body pillow. yes, this is real. you’ve read reviews. you’ve heard the hype. you’ve felt skeptical. but let me assure you… you. need. one. NEED. my body pillow was one of the first maternity items i got (aka, received as a gift) and it has been my ride or die. How, you ask? well….. i am so glad you asked! 37976078   Okay.
  1. Sleeping really does get difficult. and it gets really hard to get comfortable very early-on. Especially as a twin mama. I think i was only 14 weeks pregnant when I got my pillow, but even then, it did wonders for my sleep! It provides support to your belly (or back, whichever your prefer) when you sleep on your side(s), and while you can still sleep on your back, it elevates your legs and/or props up your back. And even though this sucks, it can really help on those days you need to sleep sitting up (thanks, heartburn). I realize that you can probably just use a shit ton of pillows to serve the same purpose, but i feel like it’s less constricting to have one item that handles it all.
  2. Even sitting on a couch can be a challenge. Yes, that super comfy couch you love so much? You know, your spot? It’s going get real hard to get yourself up from there once you sink in lol. I use my body pillow as a pseudo-seat, which stops me from sinking in TOO far back into the couch that I’m unable to get up on my own, and without exerting too much energy lol. Every ounce of energy counts!
  3. Your fur babies will love it, too. Okay, this is not really a perk, but take a look at the pics below – are you kidding?! too fucking cute. it’s a plus in my book.
  So I guess the bottom line here is that the body pillow will really help with your comfort level during those times that you should feel most rested and relaxed: sleeping and lounging on the couch.
c’mon. is this not cute?! he loves it!
just a lazy morning – pups enjoying the body pillow with their mommy
  What other products do you mamas use to get through this twin pregnancy? Do you have a body pillow? Is it not da bomb?! (I mean, it’s fine if you don’t agree, but leave a comment and lmk why!)   Don’t forget to catch me on IG! @dimas_duo. And subscribe to the newsletter to get update notifications and other great twin news and info!   Happy Twinning! <3 Krysty  
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