Breastfeeding Techniques

Breastfeeding Techniques
Breastfeeding is the greatest way of feeding your infant and the keys to making this feeding method work for both of you is getting a good attachment skills for your infant on your breasts. Breastfeeding is a skill learned by both mother and infant and requires both patience and time to perfect the skill. It can be sometimes tricky, but finding the right attachment technique that works for you at your infant will make the difference. When to start Immediately after giving birth, your child is ready to breastfeed. Place your child to breastfeed as often as possible if not immediately after birth, it will help your baby adjust to life outside your body. Cesarean birth does not necessarily affect the feeding process, but because of fatigue and medication used in surgery, they can present challenges when you begin breastfeeding. Baby-led attachment The best way of breastfeeding is by letting your baby teach you. In this attachment, your baby follows his instincts to find your breasts and attach. The baby-led attachment happens almost immediately after birth when you held your baby skin to skin on your chest. This attachment helps you avoid problems like poor attachment to the breast that may lead to cracked, sore nipples. Here are the basic steps of helping you get started with the technique:
  • Lean back rather than sitting upright, make sure you are comfortable and well supported with pillows.
  • Place your baby on your chest facing you and they must not be crying if so calm them first.
  • When calm, they will begin following their instincts and move towards the breast. Support them by placing your hand under their shoulder and let them move towards your nipple. Help them by positioning them where their mouth is near your nipple.
Mother-led technique This is the one used by many mothers and it works for them. Here are the basics,
  • Sit upright and be comfortable. Hold your baby behind her shoulder so that his chest is touching your chest and his nipple should be in line with your nipple, gently rub your nipple from her nose to mouth to encourage her to open the mouth
  • When the mouth is open. Bring him towards your nipple, direct the nipple at the roof of his mouth while still holding your hands across his shoulder and back.
  • When it attaches and the baby is feeding well, he will suck deep and regularly and you hear him swallow.
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