What to Consider When Deciding on A Double Stroller

What to Consider When Deciding on A Double Stroller
Having twins is hard as they say it is always double the trouble especially when you are outside with them all alone. There is no way you can handle two separate strollers by yourself. Double strollers are the answer for that problem. This is two strollers combined into one. It is not exclusive for twins but can also be used by children until the age of 4 or 5 years old. Families with children in a very close age age might need a double stroller. It designs varies with different brands. It is either they are side by side, an inline double or a sit and stand. What suits your need will depend on your preference. The side by side design is bigger that the inline double because it is basically two strollers in one horizontally, this might be difficult when you are going at shallow roads. As for the inline it is combined vertically, the other seat is at the back of another while the sit and stand have in infant seat in front and have a platform/bench at its back. Here are some things you need to consider when choosing your double stroller. 
  1. How old your kids and their age gaps are – this will determine on what type of double stroller you need for your family. For families that have twins the side by side could be the choice while for a family having a baby and a toddler the sit and stand would be the preferred.
  2. Where you usually go – This matter because you need a stroller that will fit on entrance ways and roads you usually go through, If you often go to places that have narrow entrances, the inline double will be your perfect fit but if you usually goes to places with a huge entrance way you could have the side by side as an option.
  3. The Essential features of your strollers – Brakes, Portability, Width, Weight, Storage, Double Shades and Adjustable Seats are what really matters when you start choosing for your double strollers, different make have different feature so make your research first before buying.
Normally double strollers are best for twins, having double strollers when you have twin is a life saver. You can easily move around with them and the storage below the seats makes it a lot easier to bring everything that your baby would normally need such as milk, diapers, extra clothes, wipes, pacifiers, toy and etc. A side by side type of double strollers is the common choice of families with twins. Placing the twin next to each other is easier to monitor while you are walking somewhere with them. Having your double strollers have a travel style seat which could be converted into a car seat would be a big plus. It makes it easier to transport the twins through a car.  
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