Considering a Litter Robot For Your Home?

Considering a Litter Robot For Your Home

Being a mom comes with a lot of challenges with sparely any time for routine stuff and engagement. If you consider all you have to do on a daily basis to keep the house running you’d appreciate any device that makes your workload easier. Career moms are the worst hit, they need to strike a balance between a full or part-time job with household chores and the kids.

Moms hardly have time for themselves not to talk about finding time to change the cat litter.  While a lot goes on behind the scenes, the time spent changing cat litters and cleaning up on all the mess can be used in other productive ventures. Fortunately, to help moms cope with the stress of having to clear out the cat litter, the litter robot was invented. It’s an automatic self-cleaning litter box that has been tested and trusted to really work wonders.

Brace yourself up, help is on the way. With this litter robot technology, cleaning the litter box should be the least of your concerns.

Understanding how the litter robot works?

The terminology “Robot” might seem overbearing for a few people who still view them as talking complex cleaning machines, the litter robot is actually a very easy piece of equipment that works brilliantly. Thanks to some clever engineering designs, the robot is designed with a small compartment that houses the cat when it’s about to poo. A count down timer allows the litter to clump up once the cat is out of the box.

Thereafter it slowly rotates until the clump is separated from the clean litter. There is a specialized carbon filter in which the clump passes before the robot goes back to its original position. Check out this website for more on the cat litter robot.

 There is also a useful feature that indicates when it’s time to empty the drawer.

Who needs the litter robot for cats?

While the latest version is quite pricey, it does represent good value for money. Instead of looking at how pricey it is, think about all those cat litter dirty jobs you have to do all year round. So who is this litter robot for?

1. The busy cat mom owner: Career moms with a 9-5 job will benefit immensely from this litter robot. If you have to leave your cat in the house for work then you definitely need this robot to make things a lot easier for you. The litter robot will take care of offensive odors and keep the air around and within your apartment fresh.

2. Those with multiple cats in the house: The more cats you have in the house the more relevant a cat litter robot can be.  Unless you have the extra funds to hire a cat maid to help out in cleaning out their litter you should give this robot system a serious consideration.  You will have to clean out a traditional tray once or twice daily if you keep 2 or 3 pet cats. That’s a lot of work and time that can be saved with a reliable litter robot.

3. Traveling Cat Owners:  Cats are more self-reliant than other pets so they can be left in the house while the owner makes a long business trip for a couple of days.  As long as there are enough food and water, cats can stay on their own. With a litter robot there will be no need to ask a friend or neighbor to check up on your cat while you are away.

What makes the cat litter robot a great investment?

1. Ease of use:  Plug and play, right out of the box, this litter robot is very easy to use. All you worry about is the little maintenance needed to keep the drawers in neat. No special skills are needed to make the litter box work and no complicated instructions to follow.

 2. It doesn’t smell: The deodorant feature and the carbon-filtered mechanism ensure that offensive smells are eliminated. The litter reduces the smell so much that one begins to wonder if there is even a cat litter around.

3. The litter is spacious enough for 2 cats: This is why the litter robot has been recommended for homes that have more multiple cats. Cats will jump right in and are going to get used to it with frequent use.

4. No more messy litters: Since the litter box comes with a very efficient cleaning system, the dangers of a cat stepping on their own mess are reduced.  Cats’ stepping on their own mess is the major problem with cat litter trays.

5. Can be used by 4 cats: The litter robot can accommodate 2 cats at a time and is capable of taking care of the litter from 4 cats in the house. But this shouldn’t be enough reason to get more cats.

6. Money-back guarantee: Because of the pricey nature of this equipment, manufacturers are confident that owners will be very pleased with the automatic litter system. So there is an iron glad 90 days money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

7. 18 month warranty period:  the 18-month warranty covers all parts, labor and shipping cost within the 48 states of America although customers in Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico will incur additional shipping costs

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