5 Ways To Stay Healthy When Expecting Twins

Everyone knows that pregnancy is not an easy part of life, but when carrying more than one baby, things can get rough. However, with a healthy regime, one can ensure an amazing journey for the babies. We’re breaking down five important habits to take note of when expecting twins.

1. Healthy Eating

Vegetable It is very common for an expecting woman to give in to her cravings, it’s a basic part of pregnancy. But, having a healthy and nutritious diet can ensure a healthy pregnancy. There is a misconception that if a woman is expecting more than one baby, she has to eat more than what a mother expecting one baby eats. However, gaining significantly more weight than one that is expecting a single baby is common. Here’s where a balanced diet comes in, something we’ve been learning since we were in grade-school. Think healthy, but tasty. Fruit, Veggies, low-fat yogurt are ideal. Instead, maybe start getting used to throwing all your crisps down the sink.

2. Anemia (Don’t Freak Out!)

What many people aren’t aware of regarding twin pregnancies is mothers enduring so have a higher risk of having anemia. Anemia in twin pregnancies are more than twice as common than in single pregnancies. But don’t fret, there are so many iron enriched options you can consume. You may also be going through quite a few blood tests and will probably be prescribed iron-supplements. However, consuming foods with iron can double in help. Cashews, spinach and roast beef are amongst some of your options.

3. Stay Active

We know that during times like these laziness can take over. However, gentle forms of exercise can ensure an active and healthy multiple pregnancy. As you will probably experience fatigue, giving yourself that gentle exercise during your pregnancy can be of huge help. However, make sure to stay away from intense workouts that may result in stressing your joints too much. For example, Pelvic muscle exercises are useful to keep them intact after birth. There are so many light workouts available even on the internet for pregnant women that provide a healthy lifestyle.

4. Stay Social

Stressing out will do more harm than good. When you get feelings of anxiety, talk it out. Speak to anyone from your family or your friends. Even if you are not comfortable speaking to anyone about emotional struggles regarding your pregnancy, just talk to them. Make yourself engaged with others so as to prevent the bottling up of emotions that isn’t very healthy for you nor the baby. When you have someone to talk to, you are telling yourself that you are not alone in this beautiful journey and you have nothing to worry about.

5. Catch a few zzz’s

It will probably be hard to hear, but when the babies are born, the first few months will be rough because a lot of sleep and energy will be lost. Which is why during this time of pregnancy it is very crucial to get as much rest as possible. The reason sleep is so important during this time is because the amount of work your organs were putting in when you weren’t pregnant are working four times more now that you are. And in order for your organs to work efficiently, you need sleep. So, try to get as much sleep as possible. We know that it will be hard as some pregnancy issues will make it difficult to make that happen, but you can try. Don’t stress, eat healthy and stay active. Just keep this in mind and you will ensure yourself a beautiful multiple pregnancy experience. Being a mother is hard in general, and when faced with more than one child at a time, things can escalade. Just remember, focus on the present, and everything will fall into place.
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