How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy
Pregnancy weight can be the hardest to lose – for a number of reasons. Sleepless nights, low energy and a lack of time can make it hard. So, here are some tips on how to cut down the pounds.

1. Have Well-Balanced Meals

Well-Balanced meals - How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy You need to eat well regardless of your condition or weight. Although many people will try to have smaller food portions (or go on a diet), this isn’t the path to take. This is because your body still needs to recover from the delivery stress. The body needs all the essential nutrients for cell and tissue recovery as well. If unsure of what foods to include in your diet plan, have a nutritionist or dietician help you. As long as the body gets all the nutrients it needs to recover; you’ll not have any cravings for food. Going for healthy snacks is the best way to help your body shed of any excess weight.

2. Breastfeed

Many women have been able to lose weight and even maintain their dream body figure by just breastfeeding. Your body burns at least 4000 calories each time you breastfeed. It burns even more when creating milk for your child as well. You however need to eat well-balanced meals to avoid stressing your body, which could lead to binge eating. Its only with eating healthy that your body gets the required energy in the form of calories to produce milk. If possible, consult your doctor or nutritionist on the best foods to have while breastfeeding. In addition to breastfeeding and eating healthy, some physical exercise is needed to help burn those extra calories and fats. You however don’t have to sign up for the gym to keep fit. Even the most straightforward tasks such as walking, swimming, jogging, etc. are enough to burn fats efficiently. All you need is sweat the fats out. Some of the recommended exercises for weight loss after pregnancy are outlined below.

3. Walk

Walk - How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy This is the simplest, yet efficient way to burn those extra calories without straining your body. It’s however advisable to start slow, then increase intensity or pace as the body gets accustomed to it. Only start taking these exercises seriously a few weeks after delivery, when your body has healed. 15 to 20 minute walks every day are enough to keep the body fit, as well as burn excess fats. If your body has recovered sufficiently, you can then take 30-minute to 1 hour walks for optimal performance and accelerated weight loss.

4. Start lifting weights

Increasing and maintaining muscle mass is one of the most effective ways to improve overall fitness and reduce body fat. Lifting weights is no longer ‘just for men’ – there are a variety of different women sports shoes available to help you get started. For more work outs like this you can check

5. Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are highly effective in restoring the body’s form and structure. Kegels should be done while seated, with your feet shoulder-width apart. The exercises involve contracting and relaxing pelvic muscles, almost the same way you do to hold urine. Doing Kegels at least 10 times every day can see your body shedding off some weight, and even getting the pre-pregnancy figure you had.

6. Take Deep Belly Breaths

Deep Belly Breathing - How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy This is especially dedicated to stomach and abdominal muscles. You can start taking these exercises hours or even a day after childbirth. All you have to do is sit straight, then take deep full breaths. Hold the breath for a few seconds or even a minute, then release the air slowly. This works even better if you can hold your breath for longer. You can do this as many times as you can to keep the stomach and abdominal muscles active. You can even do this while lying on the bed, relaxing, or watching the TV.

7. Coolsculpting

A great way to lose weight, coolsculpting is a well renowned beauty technique that isn’t invasive but can produce fantastic results. It essentially freezes fat and then destroys the fat cells and can cause a 20% reduction in fat in treated areas.

8. Give The Floor Bridges A Workout

Give The Floor Bridges A Workout Engaging the hamstrings and butt in active exercise can also help shed off a couple of pounds in weight. To do this, lie flat on the floor, then raise your knees to form a 45-degree angle. Next, squeeze your butt and contract core muscles until the butt lifts a few feet from the floor. Keep your heels pressed to the floor the entire time. Put in some Kegel exercises to burn even more calories. Repeat this 10 to 20 times every day.
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