Mom Didn’t Know She Was Having Twins Until She Gave Birth to Second Baby

Mom Didn't Know She Was Having Twins

Did your twins go undetected for longer than usual? Was it a total surprise? Imagine finding out the news when you’re in labor – that’s exactly what happened to this mom!

Lyndsey Altice and Wesley, 33, of Wisconsin, had absolutely no idea they were having twins. They were handed their first daughter, Ada Maze, when doctors realized Lyndsey was still in labor. Two minutes later, their second daughter Billie June arrived, and the “whole room went crazy”. While mom and dad were in complete shock, Lyndsey’s sister started taking pictures to capture the incredible moment.



Lyndsey said that her ultrasound scan only showed one baby. She added “I was immediately suspicious when Ada came out so small, I had put on double the weight I did with my last birth so I didn’t understand how she could be so tiny.

“When I had my son Django a few years previous, he was 9lbs and I put on less weight with him so it was really odd.


“There are no words to describe what I was thinking when I realized I was about to having twins right there and then.”

“The next contraction was almost instant, I knew before the nurses started saying what they thought it was, I could feel the baby coming but could not communicate it through the contraction.

“The nurse thought it was the water sack which she hadn’t seen happen before so we were all a bit confused.

“Then I felt it happening but I couldn’t get the words out, I knew a second baby was coming and then two minutes later there she was.”



“I had a million thoughts that I couldn’t process because I was completely overwhelmed so I just submitted to the moment, I think my face says it all,” she said.

“I must have set a world record for how many times someone can scream ‘oh my god’ in 10 minutes.

“Now we have settled in we are so happy, I would not change a thing.”



After the birth, Lyndsey watched a recording of her ultrasound and still couldn’t see a second baby.

“I think because they were just checking fluid levels and not checking for a second baby, all they saw was that Ada had moved a little,” she said.

“I’m sure if they were looking for two babies, they would have found two. I even got a recording of the ultrasound and you just can’t see a second baby at all, so even when I look, and know she’s there, I can’t see her.

“When I went into labor they hooked me up to the baby monitor and there was only a reading of one heartbeat.

“It’s a total blessing in disguise, and the kids themselves are great, my son Django adores them and they all get on so well.”

“I will admit I had no idea what to do. Like diaper changing, and formula and breastfeeding. Or even what kind of formula. There are so many options like European baby formula. So much to think about with no time to process.”

Lyndsey is thrilled to have the photos and wants to show them to the children when they’re a little older. 


How can a twin be missed on a scan?

We’ve all seen twin ultrasound scans, and it seems so obvious when there are two babies. So how is it possible that baby B was completely missed? 

According to The Birth Company, there is a very small chance that a twin can be missed on a scan. 

They said: ‘If one of the tiny twins happens to be hidden behind the other when the scan is performed, then there might not be any clue that you’re carrying more than one baby. 

‘Also the baby’s heartbeat can’t usually be detected before about 7-8 weeks, but some scans are performed before this.’

A twin sharing the same sac could also be sitting so closely to their sibling that they are wrongly thought to be just a shadow outline.

It is also very difficult to distinguish two heartbeats. Especially if the heartbeats are in sync or if the mother’s own heartbeat is sending mixed results.

It is rumored that Lyndsey measured her own weight throughout the pregnancy to ensure that her baby was healthy, but only had one scan which failed to show Billie June. 

We wish Lyndsey and Wesley all the best. Pregnancies can be full of surprises, but this has to be our favorite.

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