Copper Pearl Four pack set of Bibs

Who knew that Copper Pearl bibs could look so cute! My son is quite the messy eater, more often than not it ends up all over his chest and neck. He is also a fussy eater so it can be challenging to feed him at times! One thing that I don’t want to worry about is getting his outfit drenched and having to change him more frequently than I already do. Well fear no more mamas I had the opportunity to try out the Copper Pearl bibs and I couldn’t have been more pleased! First off the quality was on point, there is nothing worse than ordering something online and then receiving the product to find that it was nothing like what it looked like online. Well this is certainly not the case with Copper Pearl bibs, they are hands down high quality, durable, and super cute and trendy. Love Love Love I would absolutely recommend to any mama boy or girl!
Benefits:IMG_4738 (1)
1. Trendy, unique designs
2. Premium stitching
3. Two adjustable nickel free snaps
4. Soft fleece backing thats super soft and blocks moisture

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