5 Tips on How to Dress Your Kids To the Nines

5 Tips on How to Dress Your Kids To the Nines
Every mom knows that having to dress your baby like a celebrity’s baby is probably the last task you want to accomplish, but we all feel obliged to because of the “mean” moms who like to judge our kids appearance. Not to mention if you want your kid to be anything like you, they must be fashionable! Dressing your kid is hard in any circumstance because they are very picky and you necessarily don’t have a clue what is comfortable for them or what type of clothing they would like.It’s a learning experience for sure. So here are 5 tips on dressing your kids to the nines:
  1. Buy very basic colors: When shopping for your kid’s clothes, pick up basic colored stuff like a plain white dress or plain black pants. This will help you immensely in the long run because you can re-use these clothes by simply accessorizing them with different stuff. Try cute jean jacket or a graphic tee.
  2. Buy dark colored clothing: If your kid is like any other kid they love to play in the dirt and come back with their clothes basically a different shade. However, dark colored clothing might just be your lifesaver! They don’t stain as easily as lighter colors and are fairly easy to wash.
  3. Invest in quality: Pricing is probably the biggest deal breaker when purchasing clothes, but sites like is Nicki’s offer Pinterest- Red carpet ready clothes for babies without breaking the bank. You may find this tip useless, however, buying cheap clothes will result in you having to buy new ones every month and may cause your kid’s skin to break out from the cheap materials.
  4. Comfort is key: Make sure that you buy material you know your kid will love. Having them nag you all day about how their shoes hurt or how they hate their dresses is something you probably don’t want to deal with, so do your research and always make sure to consider your child’s opinion when purchasing clothes.
  5. Consider the occasion: Always take into account the location and how long you will be there for. This is probably the most crucial tip because it determines how you are going to dress your kid. If you know your kids are bound to roll around in the dirt make sure to dress them accordingly.
  It’s tiring and who has the time to go shopping?! In this type of a situation online shopping is the way to go. However, how can you be sure which websites offer the best clothes at the lowest prices? Well, one of best online stores that offer Pinterest- Red carpet ready clothes for kids is Nicki’s. They offer a large selection of clothes for everyone of your kids needs.  
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