The Amazing Baby Company

The Amazing Baby Company, founded in 2007, is one of the most popular distributors of baby related products in Australia and the world. The Amazing Baby Company distributes some of the most popular Australian-based baby brands with products such as strollers, booster seats, nappy bags and much more. The Amazing Baby Company is also renowned for their excellent customer service designed to make every customer happy and satisfied with their purchase.

Offered Brands

TABC offers products from some of the most popular baby product brands in Australia. The brands offered through them include the following companies.

  • BabyJogger: Baby Jogger is an internationally recognized brand that offers high quality and innovative strollers, prams and other baby accessories. BabyJogger strollers combine impeccable quality with practicality and a classic style that is popular world wide with celebrities and everyday shoppers alike.
  • AdvanceMobility: AdvanceMobility is an innovative brand founded by the original owner of BabyJogger. AdvanceMobility push chairs are specifically designed for children and adults with physical disabilities. Their innovative push chairs can be used both for everyday errands as well as other terrains such as the mountains and even the beach.
  • MiaMily: MiaMily is a Swiss brand that provides unique carrier wraps for newborns as well as toddlers. MiaMily\’s innovative wraps combine comfort with practicality and style that will help children and parents get around in comfort, while also reducing the risk for common problems associated with using baby carriers such as hip pain.
  • 4moms: 4moms is an innovative brand that offers a variety of exciting technology-based baby products, including their popular mamaroo4 infant seat which mimics a human-like soothing cradle motion unlike any other product currently on the market.
  • MOBY: MOBY is one of the leading brands for baby wearing products, including their classic MOBY wrap which combines comfort, safety and style. MOBY offers a wide variety of carriers with unique prints and features that are certain to meet any lifestyle.
  • Petunia Pickle Bottom: This whimsically named brand offers unique and chic nappy bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, totes and travel bags designed for moms-on-the-go. Petunia Pickle Bottom’s products feature a range of different prints in various colors and styles, and their wide range of bag styles means that there is something for everyone in their collection.

Shipping, Warranty and Returns

The cost for shipping from the official The Amazing Baby Company site will vary depending on the weight and number of items purchased; shipping is calculated at checkout.

The Amazing Baby Company offers limited returns for items in new, undamaged condition. Customers are responsible for return shipping on returned items from The Amazing Baby Company.

The Amazing Baby Company offers a 12 month warranty for products purchased new from an official The Amazing Baby Company retailer or the online site. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, rust/corrosion, damage due to incorrect assembly, damage due to neglect, damage due to improper storage, or damage due to commercial use.

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