Nanny Etiquette- Holiday Babysitting 101

Nanny Etiquette- Holiday Babysitting 101
Surely this is the time of year where you are most likely to need a sitter or a nanny to enjoy some adult time. We interviewed Kasey Edwards, Co-Founder and CEO of the on-demand vetted babysitter app, Helpr to give us some tips on Nanny Etiquette throughout the holidays. This was especially helpful to me as a first time mom of infant twins.
  • Book sitters in advance!

    Book more time than you need, just in case. The money will be well spent, even if you decide to come home early. Always confirm the sitter the morning of. Also, band together with pals and share nannies. We suggest adding at least $5/hr to the sitter wages to ensure she feels cared for with the extra work. Remember that if you have a full-time nanny and they aren’t working during the holidays but otherwise work full-time, etiquette suggests to still pay for the time off.

  • Etiquette tips on what to pay your sitter over the holidays

    This is the time of year to tip the sitter. Let the kids make a card to say “thank you” for spending time together. We see a lot of sitters buying presents for the kids, so you want to be sure to get a gift or tip in excess of that effort. If a sitter is booked for the actual holiday (yes, some parents need help on Christmas and New Years Day), consider paying at least 1.5x the rate. Not only does this show gratitude but it also ensures the sitter will be interested to head over vs. do her or his own thing when the time comes.

  • Finding sitters while you’re on your family vacation for a night out without the kids

    Usually the resorts in town will have the details on who to reach. But be sure to book ahead–especially around the holidays. If Helpr’s available in your vacation destination, book the sitter through the app. Be aware that booking someone without full vetting is a bad idea–we see parents getting connected via Facebook or through childcare listing sites with zero oversight.

  • Best holiday gifts for the babysitters and nannies in your life 

    Cash bonuses are always great. Otherwise, take note of what the sitter or nanny loves and cater to that, but universal gift cards to Target or Amazon are always perfect. I’ve seen sitters love gifts like: massages, manicures and pedicures, car washes and details (especially if they drive the kids), flights to visit their family, jewelry that the kids pick out or make, and one personal favorite: a student loan payment bonus where the parents paid off a portion of the student loans for the nanny.

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