Newborn Twins Require 22-24 Diapers A Day

You heard me right! Newborn twins need 22-24 diapers a day. Disposable diapers are a wonderful luxury that Moms didn’t have even a half century ago…but a baby can go through them like a printer goes through paper…in other words, quickly!!  And that can put a strain on a family’s budget, especially if the expense of diapers was an unknown “quantity” before having a baby.  Now, you could decide to use diapers the old fashioned way by using them, washing them, and then reusing them, but who wants to do that??  So here are some ways that you can save on diapers and trust us…there’s one in here you may not have thought of.


Shop For Deals

So what are some possible ways that you as a mother can save money on diapers? First, shop for the best deal.  This may seem like a no brainer but with the internet right at your fingertips, it may make sense to plan your regular shopping out strategically.   Look up Wal-Mart and compare it to Target, Costco, Amazon, etc to find the best deal.  There are even comparison shopping online “engines” that do the comparison shopping for you.  These are powerful time saving resources.


Use Coupons

There are tons of great sites out there that will let you know of all the latest deals on diapers…or whatever you are looking for, for that matter.  One site that had coupons for diapers was “Passion For Savings” and just by typing in diapers, I found that Target had a $2 off coupon and reduced the price of a pack of Luvs from $5.94 to $3.94.  That’s almost 40% off just by using a coupon.


Use Ebates

When there isn’t a coupon, or sometimes even if there is, you should always use Ebates or a service like Ebates.  Ebates gives you cash back just for spending money.  This doesn’t mean you should spend more money, but it does mean you should use it for those everyday purchases like diapers.  You can go to and quickly see which store is offering the best cash back deal.


You might be thinking, how do I use Ebates for instore purchases and not just for online purchases? All you have to do is link your credit card to your ebates app or account and Ebates automatically


Use A Cashback Credit Card

Now that you’ve linked your credit card to Ebates, you can earn a percentage back from using a credit card on top of earning cash back from Ebates.  There a lot of great cards out there that give you rewards back for using the credit card.  Just be sure to pay off your credit card balance each month or they may end up costing you more than you save.

My personal favorite credit card is a 2% cash back Visa card from Fidelity that deposits 2 percent of everything you spend on the credit card back into a Fidelity account where you can invest it and watch it grow.  You didn’t know buying diapers could help fund your retirement!


Buy In Bulk

When you do find a sale, look at purchasing the diapers in bulk.  If you’ve had a baby very long, you should be able to estimate how many diapers you will need in the foreseeable future.  As your baby grows, they’ll need the next sized diapers as well so don’t buy too many in one size so that your baby is eventually wearing diapers that don’t fit.  By buying in bulk, you not only save time and hassle of continuing to have to buy diapers, but you can save serious cash that way as well.  Also be sure to check out prices at the warehouse clubs like Sams or Costco if you already have a membership.


Buy In Bulk On Sales Tax Holiday

 This last one is a little unconventional much less known but states usually have a week or weekend that they declare a sales tax holiday.  These vary in length and breadth from state to state.  Some sales tax holidays include a holiday from all sales tax period.  Other sales tax holiday’s only include certain items such as back to school items.  But what a lot of people don’t realize is that a good chunk of the states that provide sales tax holiday’s also lump diapers into the list of items that get a sales tax holiday.


Some states charge close to 10 percent sales tax, while there are 5 states that charge no sales tax.  Depending on the state that you live in, a sales tax holiday can equate to some nice savings.  To calculate how much money you could potentially save, be sure to use an online sales tax calculator.


By using these methods, a Mom could potentially save between 10 and 50 percent on diapers.  There is some work, diligence, and discipline involved, but when those savings are added up over a long period of time, they are savings that are well worth the work involved.


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