Pello- Another Fabulous Contest Prize

Pello- Another Fabulous Contest Prize
Look at this face!!! Need I say more? Ok ok…. well I have more to say anyway. is SUPER excited that Pello has partnered with us for our 2016 Family Photo Contest. Along with our other great prizes, Pello is giving away TWO awesome Pello products: Luxury Pello Floor Pillow (good for all ages) and the NEW Pello Comfy Cradle. The Pello Floor Pillow is AH-Mazing because its great for multiple ages and stages of life, AND because it is not just a floor pillow but a play mat. YAY! It is not on of those things you need to find a home for when you are done. You simply have a new use for it all of the time. Some other awesome things I want to point out:
  • Babies feel cuddled in the soft center;
  • Babies with acid reflux experience less discomfort because they are laying at an angle, not flat on a floor blanket;
  • As a baby gets stronger and tries to sit up, his/her head is protected no matter which way they fall because of the circle design;
  • This is a perfect pillow for tummy time;
  • Loops and a pocket (with a loop inside the pocket) were designed so toys could be attached to the floor pillow;
  • It is washable and made of 100% cotton and luxe brushed poly;
  • The two handles make it easy to take anywhere, anytime. Just fold it in half like a taco and go!
The Pello Comfy Cradle is a BRAND NEW exciting product by Pello. It is designed to provide a comfortable position for nursing, bottle feeding, and holding a baby. It won’t move or shift, allowing baby to be cradled securely in your arms.   Follow:- Facebook Instagram Twitter   Pello- For all Ages
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