Quick Little PSA about a Onesies and Blowout Poop

Quick Little PSA about a Onesies and Blowout Poop
If you are a new parent it is inevitable that you will face a blow out poop. In fact, get used to it, because it is a regular occurrence in your household now (and for a while). If you are a twin mom than you deal with it double dooty, so we decided to write this article to help minimize the damage. Follow these steps for easy clean up and onesie removal.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 6.14.36 AMTake note to the slits/flaps on the shoulder part of the Onesie. You have probably never paid much attention to these flaps, but they actually serve a purpose. They actually serve two purposes, but one of which you probably already knew: easy removal for babies with large heads.

The second purpose is almost more important- at least more useful. It helps with damange control with a poop blowout. Next time your baby has a blowout take the shirt off DOWNWARDS rather than over the head. The slits on the shoulders makes it possible to pull the shirt over broad shoulders and a big baby belly. Now you don’t have to worry about getting poop all up your babies back and over his/her face and hair. Your welcome
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