Want to Make Some Money as a SAHM, But Don’t Want to Do Sales?

Making some extra money from home
At least once a week I see someone post on FB “Any ideas on how to make some extra money from home?” Immediately after there is a flood of responses from entrepreneurs that have built their business doing Multi-Level Marketing. Mary Kay, Rodan & Fields, It Works!, BeachBody, Stella & Dot…. The list goes on. These are all amazing opportunities, but what about the women who don’t want to spend their day reaching out to old friends they haven’t spoken to in years to recruit them to be a part of their sales team? What about the women who just don’t like being a sales person?   I think I may have struck gold. Well… not gold- lets say an easier way to make some extra money without too much legwork. I found this new site that helps me earn extra money when I shop on amazon. It’s kind of amazing because I am on amazon daily anyway. Moms- can I get an Amen for Amazon Prime???   Here’s how it works. Go to Gruupz.com, and sign up. It’s totally free, and all you have to do is install the browser extension for Chrome or Firefox, then you get credit every time you shop through Amazon. WHAT? Yup you heard it here, free money for shopping! Amazon gives Gruupz an affiliate commission for any purchase you make. Gruupz then splits that with you, returning your portion in the form of Amazon gift cards making it very convenient. Moms, this is the best way to make some extra cash when shopping through Amazon and requires little to no effort. Again- can I get an Amen? The best part is when someone signs up using your referral link. That person gets $3 and you also get $3. So even when you are not shopping, you can make some extra money by referring people.        
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