Some of The Best Gift Ideas For Pre-Teen Boys

Some of The Best Gift Ideas For Pre-Teen Boys

If you can’t decide which gift to buy a pre-teen boy, it’s easier if you know whether they prefer sport over science or indoor games to outdoor experiences. Then you can buy something which you know they will like. Here are some best gift ideas.

Sporty gifts

For sports fanatics, you can use gift guides to find gifts that 11 year old boys love. These let you search by age, gender, or category.

The Collapsible Water Bottle – a soccer ball or a pair of soccer cleats is perfect if he loves playing soccer, but you want to give him a cool way to carry around water for when he gets thirsty. It folds away when empty, so won’t take up a lot of space.

Alternatively, the Waboba Moon Ball makes playing catch by yourself a lot of fun. It’s unpredictable and will ensure your child gets plenty of exercise trying to outsmart and guess which direction it will bounce in.

Some people find it difficult to motivate themselves to take up exercise later in life, so anything that encourages exercise while they are younger is a good habit to get into.

Science Gifts

For science fans, the Edible Chemistry Kit has 16 fun experiments, and he can eat or drink the results. These include foaming jelly and fizzy drinks. So, it’s educational and tasty.

If your child is into all things related to robots, Tiny Robots could be the ideal gift. This kit allows him to make any of the 15 mini-robots. It’s great for anyone who wants to understand how things work, rather than just have a toy robot bought for them.

Gifts for indoors

If your child likes games he can play inside, with his friends or brothers and sisters, Story Cubes lets them create their own story. The cubes can be arranged to create a story and the results can be hilarious.

If he’s interested in food, and how it’s made, the 4D Chef makes a great gift for budding chefs. The recipe book combines science knowledge with cooking instructions. You can watch and be amazed, hopefully, as he follows the interactive recipes and creates something delicious for the whole family to try.

Outdoor experiences

If he prefers outdoor experiences, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some let you buy specific experiences, while others are in the form of a gift card. He can then choose from a list of experiences. These include zoo days where he gets to feed his favorite animal under the supervision of a zookeeper, who will ensure this is done safely.

Or you could choose a Segway experience for the whole family to enjoy together. It can be a great day out and all safety gear is included, in case anyone falls off. An instructor will provide a training session before you start.

No matter what your child enjoys doing, there’s a gift to suit him. You can make even the smallest gift into a great experience if you pick something he’s interested in.

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