Special Insight Into the Scope of Implant Dentistry

Dental implants, or more particularly referred to as fixtures are surgical components used to serve as an interface with the jaw or skull’s bone. It prime focus is to act as a support for a dental prosthesis. Modern dental implants have got their basis from a unique biological process termed as osseointegration. This significant process makes use of titanium which further form an intimate bond with bone. A fixtures successful functionality mainly depends on the following parameters: –
  1. The health of the person being treated.
  2. Drugs which have high chances of affecting osseointegration.
  3. The health of several tissues present in the patient’s mouth.
The implant therapy is known for its own complications and risks. These include,
  1. Those bringing themselves into limelight during surgery.
  2. Those posing to occur in the first half of an annum.
  3. Those occurring long-term.
Uses of dental implants: – In the common practice of implant dentistry, a replacement with implants doesn’t allow much difference to protrude between the appearance of real and prosthetic teeth. Moreover, the movement of the lower denture can be reduced through the able use of fixtures with ball and socket retention. Furthermore, an implant doesn’t stop to amuse with the above mentioned uses. Its area of use also includes its capability to support a bridge of teeth with only two or three of it being brought into action. A fixed denture can be regarded as a fixture supported bridge. This particular denture makes use of dental implants to secure a group of teeth. In such a case the user holds no chance against the removal of prosthetics on its own. Bridges prove to be the typical connections between more than one implant. They can also make use of teeth as anchor points. An implant supported overdenture, also regarded as a removable denture supported by implant. It doesn’t bear a fixed place. The wearer can disconnect this particular type of dental prosthesis from the implant abutments through the use of mere finger pressure. Orthodontics has made a revolutionary move towards its development by bringing Temporary Anchorage Devices into use. These dental implants are known for creating anchor points to give an assistance to tooth movement. From these points forces are generated to make the teeth move in the desired movement’s direction. Temporary Anchorage Devices are also referred to as dental implants of small diameter in orthodontics. Risks and complications of Implant Dentistry: –
  1. The complications may arise during surgery. The placement of a dental implant requires surgery which may foresee certain general risks involved in every kind of surgery. These risks include excessive bleeding and infection. The placement of an implant may bring danger to the anatomic structures present nearby.
  2. The risks in implant dentistry may arise in the first six months too. Primary implant stability is a term referring to a fixture’s stability immediately the moment after its implanted. Primary implant surgery also carries a risk of losing its relevance due to the regrowth of bone tissue. These bone tissues may regrow around the implant during the first weeks of surgery thus, leading to a case of secondary stability.
  3. There are certain risks which may gain control immediately after the surgery. These include infection, excessive bleeding and flap breakdown.
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