Staying Unhappily Married Is Not Better Than a Divorce

Can we be honest for a second? Those of us that are married are not all living in amazing bliss. In fact, if you have kids (especially twins), I would bet $1000 that your marriage has been put to the test, and pushed to every limit.

screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-8-58-50-amThe thing is… some of us work through those limits, and some of us reach our breaking point.

Ever since I became a mom, and I have been networking with other moms, and I am completely amazed at how many women are in miserable marriages.

It is a pattern. Its life. You are not alone. I hear it over and over: Money, lack of communication, and not feeling like your partner is contributing as much as you are.

Another pattern- the excuses women have to just stay in their unhappy marriage. “For the kids, because it is expensive, because I won\’t be able to afford life without him…etc”

I don\’t think that people should run out and get a divorce, but I don\’t think that staying married unhappily is a better option. In fact, I think counseling, church, mediators, and talking to trusted friends should all be exhausted before you even consider a divorce. However, if you have done all of those things and still feel like you are not making headway- don\’t stay together miserable. You just don\’t have to.

“For the kids”  –  How is that a good thing? It is great to have the kids see their parents grow old together, but if you are miserable in your marriage, what example are you setting?   screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-8-58-24-am

“I won\’t be able to afford life without him”- Of course you can. Maybe not the same life, and in fact you might have to get creative with ways to make money, but women do it every day. Not to say its easy, but don\’t sell yourself short by staying with someone because you can\’t afford not to. There are great divorce attorneys who can make it inexpensive and easy.


I know it sounds like a promote divorce, but honestly I am promoting happiness. Take the steps to take care of you!

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