Top 8 Items to Double for Twins

Top 8 Items to Double for Twins

When you have twins, there are plenty of things you can get by without doubling.  I’m a big fan of being a minimalist when it comes to having twins, and not doubling absolutely everything.  That said, there are certain things that you will need to double, no matter how much of a minimalist you are.  That’s why I wanted to share my list of the top 8 items to double for twins.

You truly don’t need to double everything.  Over at TwinWinning I recap twin gear you can get by without doubling, including:

  • Baby swing
  • Bouncer
  • Exercauser
  • Diaper bag
  • Activity mat
  • Toys
  • Clothing
  • Baby bath
  • And so much more!

The things you do need to double though?  Those are the ones you’ll want to get a good deal on!  Let’s dive into the top 8 items to double for twins, with tips on how to save on each of them.

1. Diapers

There’s no way around this one.  You will need double the diapers.

The most important thing here is to price shop.  You’ll soon find that diapers can range wildly in price.  I’ve paid anywhere from $0.20 per diaper online, to over $3.00 per diaper in an airport (highway robbery).

As you’ll go through literally thousands of diapers, saving pennies per diaper can really add up.   Try out different brands, buy in bulk, shop around, subscribe – whatever you need to do to save.  We’ve also used a smaller size diaper during the day and larger overnight, as the higher the size, the more expensive the per unit cost.

Diaper: Items to Double for Twins

2. Wipes

Similar to diapers, you’ll go through thousands of wipes.  Buying them in bulk can be a huge cost-saver.  

Also, consider subscription services.  Many online retailers, like Amazon, offer small discounts when you set up recurrent purchases.  Wipes are one thing you rarely wish you had less of.  They can be used in the car, in the diaper bag, even at the office!  

Tell me I’m not the only one to arrive at work and saw baby food squished onto my sweater?

Wipes: Items to Double for Twins

3. Milk

Double the babies = double the milk.

This is one way breastfeeding can come in handy, as the cost is essentially zero (minus the additional food you’ll eat to produce the milk).

If you end up needing to supplement or primarily bottle feed, you’ll want to find the right formula.  Having that research done before your babies arrive can be a big time-saver and cost-saver. Automatic formula machines have been a godsend for mothers of twins.

Even if you’re planning to breastfeed, having an option loaded into your online cart, ready to go when you need it, will ensure you don’t spend your precious free moments as a new twin mom researching formula options through bleary eyes.

Milk: Items to Double for Twins

4. Food

Once your babies start gnawing away on solids, it won’t take long for your grocery bill to skyrocket.  

At 18 months, I’ve found my little boy has eaten almost as much as I have on occasion.  I truly don’t know where he puts it.

Grocery bills are only going to rise as they grow (imagine the teenage years!), so again look for ways to be smart with your shopping.  This can include bulk shopping, flyers, points programs, cash-back cards, coupons, etc.  But the biggest cost saver is the one you probably already know – making food yourself.

Cutting down on eating out will help your wallet and your waistline.  What twin mom doesn’t want that?

Food: Items to Double for Twins

5. Cribs

Some people advocate for crib-sharing with twins.  After all, they’re accustomed to snuggling up against each other in the womb.

The latest guidelines on safe sleeping, however, advocate for an empty crib, with nothing soft or snuggly for babies to roll up against.  I don’t know about you, but there are few things softer and snugglier than babies themselves.

Eventually, your babies will need a crib each, so consider starting them out in them from day one.  It will also be far easier to install your cribs before your twins arrive, than when you have two little ones clamoring for your attention while you hold a screwdriver!

Crib: Items to Double for Twins

6. Swaddle Sacks & Wearable Blankets

Next up on the top 8 items to double for twins are wearable blankets.

I’m a big fan of sleep sacks in the first couple months before babies can roll over, to ensure the Moro startle reflex doesn’t wake them up.  Once babies first roll over, you’ll want to move to a wearable blanket that lets their arms out, so they don’t end up rolling over onto their belly and get stuck.

You’ll need twice the sleep sacks and wearable blankets.  I recommend making sure these are on your baby registry, both for newborn size, all the way up to age 2.

Wearable Blankets

7. Outdoor Gear

Boots, jackets, hats, mittens, sandals – your twins will each need their own sets.  Even if your twins have an older sibling, you likely won’t have two full sets of everything (we didn’t).

These are great things to add to not only your registry but also birthday wish lists.  Especially as your twins become toddlers and preschoolers, getting coats and boots instead of even more toys to clutter your home can be a great help to twin parents.

Spread the word.

Outdoor Gear

8. Car Seats

Two car seats are a necessity.  You have two options here: buying infant and toddler car seats, or convertible car seats, which go from infant to toddler.

Infant seats, while not required, can be supremely helpful.  They can often connect to your stroller system, meaning you can lift babies from car to stroller without waking them.

If you are okay to sacrifice a little short-term convenience for several hundred dollars though, a convertible cars seat can be the way to go.  Some cover kiddos from as little as 5 pounds to as much as 60 pounds, meaning you’re covered with just one set.

Car Seats

What Other Items Do You Double for Twins?

Did you find that there was another must-double item for your twins?  Let us know!

Danielle is the founder of, where she shares twin tips and stories, like her week-by-week twin pregnancy experience there.  Follow her at, and Facebook.

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