Sum it Up Sunday – May 22, 2016

Hey mamas! Happy weekend! (which – I hear – in mamaland, means nothing)   I wanted to start this series as a way to kind of summarize and talk about some big moments that were maybe not big enough for its own post, but still big enough to be spoken about.   So this week was pretty big! We launched my first ever blog on Wednesday, which was SUPER exciting!! like. SUPER! I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my early days in this twin pregnancy (click here if you haven\’t read it, yet – seriously, read it. it\’s good).   On Friday, my amazing coworkers threw me the most wonderful baby shower!! Since we haven\’t had our actual baby shower yet, this was the first time that I think the idea of the twins started feeling real… REALLY REAL. Do any of you other mamas feel the same way? I mean, yeah… I knew that I was having twins from the very beginning, but there are still moments here and there that make it feel just – more real. I guess at this baby shower in particular, everyone was asking how excited I was, telling me how tired I\’ll be, recounting their birth stories, giving me advise – it was certainly a new level of overwhelming. IT WAS STILL FUN! just totally like an outerbody experience – does anyone else get what I\’m saying? lol, I don\’t know…  
How amazing is this dessert buffet?!
Just fooling around at the photo booth ;P
  Saturday was a big day for me, just because I hit my 27 week milestone!
::happy dance:: WOOHOO!!
  I cannot believe that I am only 10 weeks away from being full term with the boys. Just a few weeks ago, “full term” seemed so far away!! and now here we are!! (dude, wtf. seriously, where is time going?) I still haven\’t decided if I\’m going to schedule a cesarian, or if I want to try and deliver vaginally. I keep hip-hopping back and forth between the two, and so many things keep influencing my decision.  
  1. I want to experience the full birthing experience. Jon and I are planning for this to be our one and only pregnancy (yeah, i know “you never know!!!”, but that\’s the plan, for now – OK?!). So with that, there is this little part of me that wants to experience everything – pre-labor, active labor, and vaginal delivery. I kinda feel like it would close out the pregnancy journey, and open up the door to post partum. Of course, this idea scares the bejeezus out of me – the pain, the exhaustion, the ring of fire (omggggg – it\’s called ring of fire, for christ\’s sake). But I don\’t want to regret not at least trying for a vaginal birth, ya\’know?
  2. I\’m scared of surgery. I don\’t care how common a cesarian is, it\’s still a surgery – with very real risks. Everything about it scares me: preparing for surgery, the incision, the anesthesia, the stitches, the recovery… everything. I\’m also scared about the thought of caring for newborn twins while recovering from the surgery. The first few weeks are already going to be tough (i hear), so how much harder will it be if I\’m also trying to heal from a surgery incision?!
  3. What if I end up needing both?! So let\’s say I decide to go with a vaginal delivery… WHAT IF: I go through hours of labor, hours of pushing, an epistomy (:::SHUDDER SHUDDER SHUDDERRRRRR::) and successfully deliver Baby A (finally)… then BABY B stays breech (which he currently is), and I end up needing a cesarian anyway! are you kidding?! Now I have to heal from TWO incisions?!
jzqxi   What do you mamas think? How did you decide what your birth plan would look like? I know it\’s never a good idea to have a hard-set plan, so all I\’m doing is weighing out my choices.. let\’s hear your opinions!   Also, today – I balanced my froyo on my belly for the first time. LOL. pregnancy level: expert. this is a win in my book. IMG_3295   Next week I\’m having my glucose test, so best buh-lieve I will be writing all about that! Don\’t forget to follow me on IG! @dimas_duo! and for updates on my story and other twin-related news, sign up for the newsletter (available on the homepage & to the right of this post)!   Happy Twinning! <3Krysty
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