The Best Time to Get Pregnant Based On Mom’s Zodiac

The Best Time to Get Pregnant Based On Mom’s Zodiac
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It’s a very good idea to have knowledge of how astrology works before planning on pregnancy based on zodiac signs. Only when you have fully understood how astrology works are you better informed on why some people choose to plan their life around stars.

Evidently, a lot of people see astrology as some kind of faith.  Actually, if you know the science behind it you will get to appreciate it better. Astrology can be better defined as the movement and patterns of celestial bodies in relation to the physical existence on Earth.

Astrologers use zodiac signs that align themselves in the annual part of the sun in a sort of constellation.  These epileptic parts are studied by astrologers to locate every star in the Galaxy.  It’s a very powerful tool and if you know how to use it you will be better off in life. Scientists have noticed a series of patterns or behavioral characteristics, and personalities to those people born within a particular zodiac sign. You should visit to learn more about zodiac signs.

“Momstronomy” Is the nickname given to the study of astrology in relation to pregnancy, and they are two ways it is practiced; either by planning your baby zodiac sign by deciding when to conceive or gaining understanding on the best time to conceive.

Let’s dig in deeper


Aries are leaders. If you are in your early thirties or late twenties you probably have a few degrees under your belt.  They love adventure and tend to get restless easily but what does that have to do with family planning?

If you’re planning to give birth to an Aries the best time to conceive is between June 25th to July the 15th, February the 25th – March the 15th, and October 25th – November 15th.  If you are an Aries, which connotes a fire sign the best thing to do to secure your family and child is to give birth to an Aries.

Children born as Aries are outspoken and will love the things you love because they have the same zodiac sign.


If you are a Taurus you want wants what’s best for your children then you tend to overly care about manners and appearance. You will be a bit worried if you give birth to kids who are on the Wild Side.  To avoid this you should play your conception around three major time frames;  November the 25th to December 15th,  March 25th to April 15,  and July 25th to August 15th.

If the mother is a Taurus the best bet will be for her to give birth to a child that also carries an earth sign such as Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. This way the children you born we have high regard for the cultures of the Earth just like you do. 

Gemini mothers

Those who are born with the sign of Gemini are extremely playful to be with.  They’re kind of laid back and are not bothered with stressful situations or whatever will upset them. If you are a Gemini you should plan to conceive within three of the best time frame for this sign; December 25th to January 15th, August 25th to September 15,  and April 25th to May 15th. 

You most certainly will be better off raising kids that carry the same sign as yours or Libra and Aquarius.  Relationship with children born of the same sign as Gemini is like a breath of fresh air, most chilly and intense with an open relationship since they love to talk

Cancer Mothers

Those who are born with the star of Cancer are able to sense the need of a child even before he or she cries out.  As a mum, you have that instinctive behavior and this causes those around you to marvel.  When it comes to issues,  you take things a little bit personal and you are a little bit overprotective.

Plan your conceptions around these three times of the year; March 25th to April 15th.  July 25th to August 15th, and November 25th to December 15th. If you are successful at conceiving within these periods then you’ll be blessed with a Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn child.

Children who are born with these three signs can easily blend with a mother who has the sign of Cancer because these three times deplete characteristics of children who are a perfectionist at everything. 

Leo Mothers

Leo mothers a particularly confident and take pride in the fact that their children look as much as they are.  These are the kind of mothers who dream of dressing up their kids the same way they are dressed.  The best window open for a real mother to conceive is February 25th to March 15th,  June 25th to July 15th,  and October 25th to November 15th. 

These three windows for conception open up the parts to children that are compatible with the Leo sign i.e. Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. Any child born within these timeframes will understand the youthful nature displayed by the mother.

Virgo Mothers

If you are a Virgo mother you are probably wondering why you always like to take charge of the environment.  Your value for cleanliness and order is next to none.  These are the kind of mothers that will rush to put a broom in the child when a visitor is on their way.

The most compatible signs to Virgos are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pieces. To give birth to any of these signs you must have conception between May 25th to June 15th, January 25th to February 15th, and September 25th to October 15th. 

Because of the demanding nature of Virgos, it’s best that they give birth to compatible children. 

Libra Mothers

Libras can be very extravagant because they want to display themselves as the coolest mum in town. These are the kind of mum who wants their children to have the best of the best in town in school and anywhere they go.  Their major flaw is that they lack a sense of balance,  they have to really work on themselves to understand that it’s okay to be without some of the things you need in life and to teach their children that life is deep.

 As a Libra, the most compatible signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.  These three signs are the most emotional so having a mother who is always looking at the bright side of life could result in a beneficial relationship. The best month for conception between May 25th to June 15th, September 25th to October 15th and January 25th to February 15th.

Scorpio Mothers

The major problem with Scorpio is that they’re extremely independent and very difficult to deal with.  Mothers can be a bit forceful and demanding when they don’t have their way.  To give birth to children compatible with this sign conception should be from February 25th to March 15th,  October 25th to November 15th,  and June 25th to July 15th.

If you are successful at conceiving at this time, you should give birth to Zodiac kids like Leo, Aries or Sagittarius. Most definitely, fights will occur because of the differences but you would have saved the child from painful mistakes made by others.

Sagittarius mothers

The energetic nature of Sagittarius mothers makes them stay positive at all times.  They are one of the most free-spirited signs and definitely would encourage their children to experience the same.  The three most compatible signs with Sagittarius are Aquarius,  Libra, and Gemini.  To give birth to this zodiac sign kids plan your conception between August 25th to September 15th,  April 25th to May 15th and December 25th to January 15th.

Capricorn Mothers

Capricorn mothers are a workhorse anywhere they are.  They are not the type to say no to what needs to be done and can quickly set boundaries with others.  With their father-like traits, it will be best if they gave birth to compatible stars like Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. 

Although children born with these compatible signs might feel somewhat intimidated they will soon realize that you provide them with something valuable that they lack.

Aquarius Mothers

Aquarius mothers are a very philosophical kind.  They love to listen and are not really patient with people.  They encourage their children to do things themselves and advise them that they will learn from their mistakes and failure.  They also value building relationships more than the influence of money.  The best compatible sign with an Aquarius is Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo.

Pisces Mothers

Mothers that carry the Pisces zodiac sign are an extremely sensitive and passionate bunch.  They are very passionate about their kids. With vast imaginations and their artistic nature, they are most compatible with Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces kids. Those born with this zodiac sign will complement the artistic nature in their mums

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