The Importance of Kids’ Sports Mouth Guard and Karate

The Importance of Kids’ Sports Mouth Guard and Karate



It’s not only adults who are prone to sports injuries or wounds – kids are too. That’s why we have the so-called sports mouth guard for kids, designed for those who are actively participating in a rough and aggressive sports activities, such as martial arts, extreme bike, or even kids boxing. In the event your kids are interested in karate, it would be a wise move to understand the nature of the sports as well as the right sports mouth guard to protect them.


Karate and Kids

Kids today learn martial arts for different reasons. Some of them want to learn how to defend themselves while some want to learn about self-discipline. Some are into the sports and the fighting style while some simply need to channel their energy. Some require structure in their lives while some need to learn about self-control. Naturally, there is no right or wrong when it comes to learning karate.


Is karate good for kids? Basically yes if they can gain the true benefits from it. If they feel that karate helps them with personal development and growth while strengthening their moral value, then karate brings a positive impact to their lives. It’s not just karate, actually, but all kinds of martial arts or sports activities that can deliver a positive impact.


The Extensive Range of Benefits

As you have seen from the previous explanation, there are many benefits of learning karate from such a young age. Kids learn about discipline and the proper way to defend themselves. They learn to channel their energy and self-control. Some parents with aggressive and hyperactive kids claim that their kids are showing positive improvement once they learn martial arts. The activities give them the needed opportunity to channels their aggressive state and abundance of energy, making them calmer.


Karate is also filled with traditional values that are important for self-control and development. For instance, respect should be applied to others. Karate is more about defending oneself, not to start a fight. Karate is about justice so it shouldn’t be used to hurt or bully others.  Moreover, you can make adjustments based on your opponents. It means that karate can be calm but lethal, but it can also be aggressive when needed. You can adjust your fighting style depending on your opponent’s.

Karate and Other Types of Martial Arts

One of the main problems of choosing the right activity is the different types of them. Should you choose karate or jujitsu or capoeira? Should you go with kungfu or taekwondo? You need to remember that different types of discipline will lead to different values, principles, and delivery methods. Taekwondo is different from karate in many aspects. Taekwondo originated from Korea while karate is from Jon. whereas taekwondo focuses on different kicking techniques, karate highlights various hand strikes. Series of movement and poses are known as poomsae, while it is known as kata in karate.


These are the basic differences between karate and taekwondo. If you want to make a further comparison between them both, make sure to do a complete and thorough research before making a decision.


Some of the Basic Considerations

Despite the positive impacts, karate is often associated with some downsides. For instance, karate is often blamed for one’s height. It is true that some karate athletes are short, but if you pay attention to your biology class, you should understand that height is related to genes. If everyone in your family is mostly short, then it won’t be surprising if you follow suit.


What about the claims that the burden of harsh exercise takes a toll to the height? They can cause bones to damage or bent. First of all, heights and genes are related. Don’t forget about it. Second, there is always a possibility of damage and even deformities when you choose a type of sport that is rough and dangerous. That’s why there are strict safety regulations. In most cases, the athletes won’t suffer from deformities if they follow the directions. Yes, there will always be risks when you choose a rough sport but it doesn’t mean that the sport will definitely affect your height or physical development.


Moreover, don’t let kids start too early. The best age for them to start learning martial arts is when they are 6 years old. Sure, some kids may start as early as 4 years old, but you need to remember that different kids have different abilities and focus. Some kids may have a good focus that enables them to learn the sport when they are 4 years old. However, 6 years old is the standard appropriate age that is suitable for most kids. They can focus and they can follow orders by the age of 6. Moreover, this age group is the appropriate one for them to take part in physical activities. If they start at 4, they may not have the strength or they can’t follow orders.


Choosing the Right Dojo

Dojo is the place to learn karate. If you want to choose the right dojo, make sure that they are qualified and they have the proven track records to teach kids. Choose the one with true value, especially the traditional ones. Do you know who the sensei is (or are)? From where they get their title and qualification? Are they always present in each class and train? Do they really understand the value and the basic principle?


You may have to drive farther or spend a little bit more for the karate class, but it the dojo is truly qualified, then you are making a worthy expense. You basically make a positive and good investment for your kids.


Choosing the Right Sports Mouth Guards

The mouth guard is designed to protect your kids from blow and injury. Instead of having to deal with dental repair, it is cheaper to use the mouth guard.  The best type of mouthguard is the custom one because it is the most comfortable one. Of course, you can choose the regular one or the boil and bite type. But they are uncomfortable and they don’t usually fit perfectly.


The final decision is up to you, But if you want to protect your kids, make sure to pay attention to the safety gear, including the right type of karate mouth guard for kids.


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