Why Pay Retail For Twin Clothing When You Don’t Have To?

Why Pay Retail For Twin Clothing When You Don't Have To?
I love being a mom of twins, but there are times when I feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I have on my plate. It’s not just about keeping them alive, but being able to afford it. One of the hardest things about having two kids that are the same age, is having to buy two of everything. We don’t get to use the “hand-me-downs” of our friends and family’s kids. I mean we can, but in most cases we end up having to buy two of everything. I have been twin-mommying for two years now and I am SO thankful to have found a less expensive solution to twin clothes buying; TwinBabyBargains.com Its an online consignment store JUST FOR MULTIPLES. I have bought and sold on this site and it has been a Godsend. The reality is that our kids grow out of their clothes so quickly that I just can’t justify buying two full priced items from the store. There is another twin mom out there whose kids grew out of their clothes super quickly and these outfits have barely been worn. I would rather take an outfit that has been worn once or twice, and pay a fraction of the retail value while at the same time helping another fellow twin parent earn a few extra bucks. It’s a no brainer. Buying on Twin Baby Bargains is super easy.  Just “Shop Twin Stuff” to browse and select what I would like to order. Everything on the site is priced in pairs, so your twins will look marvelous together. The founder of TwinBabyBargains.com is also a twin mom, so she understands that having categories like “Girl/Girl, Boy/Boy, and Boy/Girl” are SUPER important to us. Then you can narrow that search by size. Its brilliant!! Twin Clothing As a mother of twins I am always looking for ways to save money, and this site is a little gem that I wanted to share with other twin parents.   Ok now, for the best part – Drumroll please……..   When you are done with your clothes you can turn around and re-sell it on Twinbabybargains.com to another twin parent who doesn’t want to pay retail. I mean this is literally the gift that keeps on giving. That would make your outfits SUPER DOOPER cheap (if not completely free).   Selling on Twinbabybargains.com is also super easy. Set of Black Twin ClothesThey have two options: Self Serve platform, or Twin Baby Butler Service. The self serve options is just a few steps – taking photos, posting quick little description, and pick your price. The Baby Butler option allows you to send in a bag of clothes using their prepaid shipping label, and they handle the rest.   In either case, they deposit the money right into your paypal account.   Need I say more? Ok. I will. J So the point I am trying to make here is that this is a NO BRAINER for twin parents. We should all be using services like this.  
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