Cute Ideas to Capture and Save Memories of Your Twins

Cute Ideas to Capture and Save Memories of Your Twins

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Some people love traditional scrapbooking, and using their own die cutting machines, but others are always looking for new, different ways to capture the memories of their child’s earliest accomplishments. If you’re looking to try something new, here are five ideas for awesome ways to remember your child’s first years. Scrap Box One of the most fun ways to keep track of your child’s special moments is a scrap box. It functions exactly as the name implies. When you have an item that you want to keep to remind you of a special memory, simply toss it in the box. No separators, no labels, no organization, just items in a box. Then, once your child is a bit older and you’re ready for a trip down memory lane, open your box and lay out the contents. Pick up each item and talk with your child about the memories attached to that object. A scrap box is also an excellent choice because if you decide years down the road that you want to make a more organized memory book, you’ve got everything you need right in the box! Products: Baby Boy Keepsake Box

Baby photo box - Cute Ideas to Capture and Save Memories of Your Twins Baby Girl Keepsake Box Keep sake box Ecru Gender Neutral Keepsake Box

Cute Ideas to Capture and Save Memories of Your Twins Memory Folder/Scrapbook Think of memory folders as a more organized version of the scrap box idea above. Create folders for each year, each event, each “first,” etc. and then put all the relevant items in each folder. Then when you’re hunting down a specific memory, you can simply pull out the right folder and have everything in one place. Furthermore, this is a great way to set yourself up for creating memory books down the road. It is a fun, simple way to get all those memories in one place. Many busy moms collect pictures and accomplishments through the years. Then later, put together there memory books for their kids. Get creative with this idea by taking the extra time to decorate each folder to reflect the memory it represents. Baby Memory Albums –
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