What Age Should Kids Start Going to the Eye Doctor

What Age Should Kids Start Going to the Eye Doctor

Something many of us take advantage is the ability to see. Our eyes our so important because they allow us to be able to physically see the world around us! Without good eye sight many day to day activities would become much more difficult. As adults, a regular eye exam should occur at least once a year, but what about for children?

When to Bring Your Child to the Eye Doctor:

Typically, pediatricians tend to perform limited eye exams right after birth and in the first few years of life, which can help to detect any abnormalities. However, according to pediatric ophthalmologist, Dr. Traboulsi of the Cleveland Clinic, a comprehensive eye exam should be performed by an eye care professional if possible by the age of 1 and later repeated before kindergarten in children without recognized eye problems.

The Importance of Your Child Visiting with the Eye Doctor:

Visiting with the eye doctor is important as a whole, but exceptionally more important for children who may have a sibling or parents with major eye problems, have an identified eye problem, or if the parents have suspected an eye issue taking place. Whether symptoms are apparent or not, your child still could have some sort of eye issue at hand, which can only be detected with the help of an eye care professional.

Additionally, the sooner your child receives an eye exam, the likelier it will be to catch and treat any eye issues early on. By not visiting with the eye doctor, any undiagnosed conditions or abnormalities could have the potential to lead to vision loss and while that may seem extreme, it is possible. Don’t let this be the case and be on board with bringing your child to the eye doctor as soon as possible or no later than the age of 1.

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