Why Bamboo Sheets are All The Rage Today

Why Bamboo Sheets are All The Rage Today
Organic bamboo sheets have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and for a good reason. The popularity is partly due to bamboo’s eco-friendliness but also because bamboo fabrics have a more extensive range of benefits compared to conventional materials. These sheets are now considered to be part of top-ranking high-quality bed sheets. Here are the reasons why they have rapidly grown in popularity.  

Comfort and softness

Bamboo sheets are softer and more comfortable than 1000 thread Egyptian cotton sheets. Their softness compares to that of silk and cashmere. Since they do not trap excess heat, they keep you cool and comfortable throughout the seasons.   Bamboo Sheets

Breathability and natural coolness

All natural fibers come with a built-in thermostat that regulates their temperature. This means the sheets will keep you warm during winter and adequately cool during summer. They are naturally breathable, do not adhere to the human skin and possess higher moisture absorbency than other fabrics. In hot summer nights, the smooth bamboo sheets absorb moisture and keep your body sweat-free as you sleep. You are guaranteed cool, relaxing nights during summer, devoid of tossing and turning.

Naturally hypoallergenic

Pesticides are rarely used on bamboo because most species have a natural resistance to insects and diseases. The bamboo stalk grows back naturally without needing pesticides and chemical treatments. Chemically treated fabrics can flare up skin rashes and allergies on sensitive skin, but this is something you do not have to worry about with bamboo fabrics. The sheets also discourage allergy triggers and dust mites because they do not trap moisture in your bed.  


Bamboo sheets are made of premium bamboo fibers that stretch across the entire length of the sheet as opposed to short fibers that are interwoven together. Full-length fibers are less prone to tearing. They are also nonabsorbent, so they do not absorb oils from your skin. This means they will not gray and yellow over time. Additionally, most sheets come with a one-year replacement warranty from the product manufacturer. If within a year of use they need to be replaced, the manufacturing company sends you another set. Follow the care instructions to maximize the durability of your sheets.


All-natural and organic fibers derived from bamboo plants are used to make the sheets\’ fabric. The bamboo plant is considered eco-friendly because it grows back without requiring pesticides, after being cut to make fabric. Bamboo also requires very little water to grow and matures fully within 2 -3 years. Like other plants, bamboo converts pollutants like carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen. However, it converts five times better than the average tree. Bamboo generates up to 35% more oxygen than its equivalent plants, keeping our air fresh, soil stronger and environment healthier.   Bamboo fabrics are fast becoming a viable option for retailers. They are being used to make towels, pants, shirts, bedding and even lingerie. With the benefits that they offer to the user and the environment, it is evident that they will become more popular in the days to come. Having these soft, comfortable and durable sheets is an excellent investment that can last you for years and will positively impact environmental conservation.  
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