5 Must Have Items To Carry All The Time With Kids

Packing to get out of the house with kids is quite a challenge.  On one hаnd, уоu wаnt tо bе ѕurе to расk plenty of things for all of the “what if’s” that inevitably come up, but уоu don’t wаnt tо оvеr расk аnd еnd uр with a bunch of things that weigh you down. We suggest packing light, and simply have these “must-have” items in the car or whenever you are traveling.

1. Wipes- Once you own wipes you understand that there are a million reasons why you need to always carry them. Even when you don’t have diapers to change, you will find that sticky fingers, and spills are a new part of your life with kids. Wipe down the car, sanitize things before you use them, clean the kids faces… I mean the uses are endless.

2. Puke Packs– If you have kids then you know that they don’t exactly wait for the right time and placeto upchuck. Puke packs are a must have that I just recently discovered. It is almost the most important item to carry, because if you are like me, you can’t deal with puke pick-up. I carry at least one (if not more) at any given time. So far these handy little disposable bags have saved my life at the zoo and at the movie theaters. You will thank me later for this one- I promise!


3. Extra Clоtheѕ– Stuff happens! Not only will you get the occasional accident that toddlers have but letting your kids get dirty is part of the fun. I don’t like to stop my girls from playing in the dirt, because that is part of being a kid. So I let them get dirty- in fact, sometimes I encourage. With that said, having spare clothes at all times has definitely become a “must have.”

4. Things to Keep Kids Busy- This could be coloring books, flash cards, Ipad… basically anything that would entertain them for longer then 10 minutes while you get stuff done. There are times when I need to run errands and its hard to ask toddlers to sit and wait patiently without anything to do. So if we are at the post office (for example), I can actually have them stand in line with me and use flash cards while we kill time. Or if they are in the car and feeling antsy, I will whip out an Ipad.

5. Snасkѕ– NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITH OUT SNACKS. There are two things that will put your kids into tantrum mode. One of them is being tired, and the second is being hungry! NEVER let your kids get hungry, because they will make sure you regret it. I think you should also consider snacks that are not super messy (raisins, cheddar goldfish, prepackaged fruit snacks…)


Hopefully these tips will help you with the basics, and minimize the heavy baggage. With these few items you should


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