A Guide to Choosing a Bassinet for Your Baby

A Guide to Choosing a Bassinet for Your Baby

Having a newborn child requires very tender and proper care; you’d like to have them near you at all times. Moreover, doctors advise that infants share a bedroom with their parents during the first six months.

Investing in a bassinet would allow you to keep an eye on and check every detail and movement of your infant without the need to occupy an ample space as a full-sized crib would do. 

But before buying one, you must first know what to look for. The following suggestions and tips might assist you in choosing a safe and comfortable bassinet that is best for your infant.

Examine the Bassinet’s Capacity and Age Limits

In choosing a bassinet, the age and weight limit of the child are among the most important factors to consider.

Bassinets have a load capacity of 15 to 20 pounds. This implies it can last until your baby is 4 to 6 months old, which the maker usually recommends. Hence, you should stop using the bassinet once you reach the weight and age limits.

Using the bassinet after the baby\’s weight exceeds the prescribed limit is dangerous. It can cause the bassinet to collapse. For instance, you won’t be able to use your bassinet when it carries a maximum limit of 20 pounds while your baby weighs 22 pounds. Doing so will put your infant’s safety at risk. 

However, there is no hard and fast rule that you must use the bassinet till your child reaches a certain age. You must realize that, in the end, everything is dependent on your baby\’s pace of development.

The infant\’s development varies at a different rate. Preterm newborns, for instance, develop at a much slower rate than healthy babies. As a result, if the baby is a preemie, parents can utilize the bassinet for a more extended amount of time.

But, again, be careful not to go above the manufacturer\’s body weight and age restrictions.

Only Use a Bassinet for a Brief Period

Bassinets have such a low span in terms of service for your baby, especially in their toddler stage. It’s appropriate to shift your baby to a crib when they can shift and roll over, push up on either hands and knees, or exceed the manufacturer’s weight limit. 

While getting used to these changes can be difficult, you must work on your baby’s nursery even before they’re fully done using the bassinet. Fortunately, you can easily find various Nursery furniture online to upgrade your baby’s nursery for their comfort and growth. 

After you bring your kid home from the hospital, it’ll probably feel like just a short period passed before they will be out of the bassinet. Most kids outgrow their leg and headroom possible in as short as three months, so keep that in mind when making your purchase. 

Do not spend much money on unnecessary items if you’re on a budget. It may be best to skip it entirely and begin with a full-sized crib for their nursery.

Safety and Comfort Should be a Priority

Always make sure to keep safety in mind whenever looking for bassinets. Look for a sheet that is not excessively soft or puffy, as this can be dangerous. If you\’re using a mattress for the bassinet, make sure it fits and that it’s made for it. It can clump up or fall off if it\’s the wrong size.

When customizing the bassinet, you might be tempted to put lovely covers, cuddly toys, and attractive cushions. However, in this circumstance, it\’s advisable to go bare. 

Placing stuff in a baby’s sleeping area can significantly raise the occurrence of SIDS. It is an untimely and inexplicable death of an infant under one year and occurs while sleeping. Hence, swaddling or searching for a good sleeping bag is an effective method to keep your baby warm.

Furthermore, before and after you acquire a bassinet, keep an eye and watch over recalls. Baby equipment that has already been recalled must not be kept. The maker will provide you with instructions about how to operate in case this happens to you.

Ensure that the Bassinet is Simple to Manage and Sanitize

Babies tend to cause mess and destruction. They might vomit, drool, or have diaper leaks- all of which can discolor the fabrics of a bassinet.

If it is not cleaned correctly, tears, sweating, breastfeeding, and other human secretions can build in bassinets, breeding disease-causing germs. As a result, your baby’s health will be put at risk. Remember that if it\’s challenging to clean, it may cause you problems.

Whenever shopping for a bassinet, choose one that has detachable and washable mattresses and cover or tailored sheets. In addition, the bassinet\’s frame must be simple to wash. Lastly, choose a bassinet that you can sanitize easily. It will help you take good care of your baby.

Choosing a Bassinet is Serious Business 

The ASTM standard is compulsory for makers of bassinets and cradles. To find out whether items have it, check for a Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association seal. The certification will assure that the product fulfilled the safety and quality standards. 

It\’s possible that products labeled as bassinets don\’t carry the JPMA seal. They aren\’t something encouraged by experts to use. Consider the shopping tips written above and the safety guidelines before buying a bassinet for your child.

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