Rainy Days Will No Longer Be “Boring” With These Fun (and Educational!) Activities

Rainy Days Will No Longer Be “Boring” With These Fun (and Educational!) Activities

Rainy Days Will No Longer Be “Boring” With These Fun (and Educational!) Activities

Do rainy days mean doldrums take over at your house?  Keep things light and entertaining by engaging your kids with healthy and fun activities.  Thanks to the internet, the possibilities are nearly endless!  Here are some great ideas for the next time Mother Nature keeps your youngsters cooped up inside.

Playing = learning.  What many parents have long suspected is now proven true by science.  According to Smithsonian, engaging in play is a vital part of children’s development.  Kids who are encouraged to play and pretend exhibit better problem-solving skills, are more imaginative, and are more creative in their approach to finding solutions.  Some experts believe pretending and creative play encourages independence, improves speech and languages skills, and helps kids learn to process and express emotions.  Kids involved with drama develop empathy and self-control.  Consider putting together a box filled with a fun selection of costumes and hand-me-down clothing, such as hats, suits, and fancy outfits.  You can access free plays online for your kids to perform, encouraging their imaginations in a positive way!  Who knows, you may have a future performer in your midst!

What dog-lovers dig.  Are your children in love with man’s best friend? Rover offers terrific dog-themed lesson plans for children, handily divided by grade levels.  What kid won’t enjoy a lesson plan disguised as canine curriculum?  If you have a pet dog, you can even include him in the lesson.  Swap in your pooch’s name to personalize your program.  It’s a great way to make learning doggone fun!

Move to the beat.  Some studies show dancing is a boon to kids’ development.  It’s a chance for them to get some exercise while working on their coordination and motor skills, as well as their ability to problem-solve and express emotions.  There is a plethora of kid-oriented YouTube videos which are perfect for helping your kids burn off pent-up energy on those rainy days, and they can even sing along!  

Mad-science experiments.  Children love the idea of being “mad scientists!”  Why not set up a “lab” in your kitchen?  Clear away your dinnerware and set out “beakers,” “chemicals,” and various educational and entertaining scientific activities.  It’s a terrific way to help kids be more comfortable with science, which can be a boon to their growth and development.  Science is shown to help children learn math concepts, strategy, spatial skills, resilience, and problem-solving.  Pull out the lab coats and get started!

Budding musicians.  Are your youngsters interested in learning to play a musical instrument?  Playing an instrument can help kids perform better academically, especially when it comes to mathematics and critical reasoning.  They also exhibit increased self-confidence and time-management skills.  Check out the Chicago School of Music, which offers free online lessons geared toward specific age groups, from pre-school age and up.

Rainy Days Will No Longer Be “Boring” With These Educational Activities

Artistic endeavors.  Exposure to the arts is a key in healthy development, encouraging kids to be creative, express thoughts and feelings, learn colors and shapes, improve spatial perception, and problem-solve.  By putting their ideas into a drawing or painting, children can express thoughts, concepts, and feelings they couldn’t put into words.  When those rainy days come along, keep your children learning and growing with free online drawing classes.  Options are richly varied, from charcoal to painting, and from classic figures to cartoons.  

Rainy day fun!  If your kids get antsy or down when the weather keeps them inside, keep their minds and bodies active with a few wholesome activities.  There is everything from science to art to engage your youngsters.  Use these great ideas to beat the rainy-day blues!

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