Stephanie Waldon – Born in Managuimage1 (1)a, Nicaragua and raised in Connecticut, Stephanie Waldon is an army wife and stay at home mother of four including toddler twin boys, a preschooler and teenager. Her love for photography inspired her to pursue what she once considered a hobby full time, and she is currently working on building her photography business. Despite being a seasoned mama, Stephanie by no means considers herself a child or parenting expert. Through trial and error she’s discovered that there is no cookie-cutter style of parenting but believes in the power of gentle parenting, attachment parenting and doing the whole “mom” thing with patience and a great sense of humor. As a TwinMom contributor, she hopes to connect with other parents (and would be parents) so she can share her success stories and bring about a few smiles along the way. You can follow her photoblog on Instagram @thewaldonkids


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